Best Teethers in India

10 Best Teethers Available In India!!

As your little bundle of joy is finally going to get those pretty pearls in that tiny little mouth, lets explore some best teethers available in India so that he or she can be a little more comfortable while achieving this milestone.

You can find the home remedies for your teething baby in our previous article.

There are a number of teethers available in the market, and reading both our articles you can decide which is the best teether for your baby.

Sophie La Girafe Gift Set

Though one of the most expensive teethers, this is a big hit among the kids. The package can be good to gift any kid from 0-2 years among family or friends. The child gets more familiar with the animal figure. Sophie la Girafe is a must buy.


  1. 100 % Natural Rubber
  2. BPA free
  3. Should not be sterilized or kept in the dish washer but should only be washed with a light soap under water
  4. Easy to hold in the little hand
  5. Available in white, brown and beige color

Chic Buddy teether

Chic buddy teether is a one piece solid teether is available in 2 vibrant colors, yellow and red, and you can pick your child’s favorite. It is neither too hard nor too soft and helps in relieving your child’s irritation in the gums.


  1. Silicone based teether
  2. BPA Free
  3. Shape: Ring form and finger shaped,
  4. Easy to hold, grip and chew
  5. Available in yellow and red color

Motherly Butterfly Baby Teether Tube Toy

This butterfly shaped motherly teether toy is a teether as well as a toy you can gift your kid. They would surely love it due to the flexibility, the subtle colors.


  1. Material used is Polycarbonate (PU) & Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
  2. Flexible
  3. BPA and Latex free
  4. Helps in sensory development and hand eye co-ordination due to the unique design
  5. Has a rattle too, which keeps the kid engaged
  6. Also has a 360O rotation design

Syga Baby Banana Training Toothbrush and Teether

This teether cum toothbrush is one of the favorites among kids. The banana shaped teether comes in yellow color which is among the first colors the child learns. It is one of the best teethers available.


  1. Silicone based
  2. BPA, latex and phthalate free
  3. Peeled banana shaped, so easy to hold
  4. Has bristles which also cleans baby’s erupted teeth and gums
  5. Has massage point on the opposite end which helps in relieving the irritation in the gums

R for Rabbit Giraffe Baby Teether Toy

This R for Rabbit giraffe baby teether is ring shaped available in different colors and you can choose your child’s favorite.


  1. 100% hygienic food-grade Silicone based teether
  2. BPA free
  3. Ring shaped teether for easy grip for the little one
  4. Multiple textured surfaces to chew on
  5. Very flexible
  6. High temperature resistant

Mombella Dancing Elephant Teether

My daughter’s favorite teether, mombella dancing elephant is one of the best teethers you can choose for your child. the great design, single piece product with so many surfaces to chew on.


  1. Silicone based
  2. BPA free
  3. Comes in 2 colors yellow and blue
  4. Easy to hold
  5. Has an anti-choking shield
  6. High temperature resistant so can be steam sterilized
  7. Non choking design

Infantso Baby Teether

This Infantso baby teethers comes in two bright colors for you to choose from.


  1. Silicone based teether
  2. BPA, latex or phthalate free
  3. A ring shaped teether for easy and firm grip
  4. Has different sensory textures
  5. Has soft bumps to chew on

Ariro Neem Wooden Tethers Shaped Like Treats

If you are looking for a wooden teether for your child, here is where you need to click, Ariro neem wooden teether.


  1. Wooden teether
  2. Hard
  3. Made from the need tree
  4. Neem wood’s enzymes, preserved in the trunk, releases as the child gnaws into it helping boost immunity and aid digestion
  5. Available in different shapes and sizes

LuvLap Baby Silicone Stick Teether for Molar Teeth & Gums

If your previous teether is not reaching the molar area for your child, this Luvlap teether is the teether you need to buy. This can be the best teether for your child.


  1. Silicone based teether
  2. BPA free
  3. Transparent
  4. FDA approved
  5. Rounded bottom and curved surface
  6. Dishwasher safe
  7. Multiple sensory textures with ridges and grooves
  8. Soft and flexible
  9. Has an anti-choking shield

Kidzvilla Teething & Massaging Toy Teether

The teether comes in the shapes of fun fruits and has vibrant colors.


  1. Silicone based
  2. BPA free
  3. FDA approved
  4. Has multiple sensory textures with ridges and grooves
  5. Has soft bumps and nubs
  6. Heat resistant, so can be steam sterilized

LuvLap Sunshine Silicone Teether

This highly recommended teether from Luvlap can keep your child comfortable during the tough time of teething.


  1. Silicone based teether
  2. BPA free
  3. Available in different colors
  4. Soft and flexible
  5. Multiple sensory textures with ridges and grooves
  6. Easy to grasp and chew

The best gift you can give your child during the teething phase is the best teether. There are various types of teethers available in the market as well as online. Here in this article we have provided you with the best teethers available in India. To know how to choose the best teether for your child you can read our previous article here.

This article contains affiliate links which means I might receive a commission if you purchase an item using these links, but this does not mean you will have to pay something extra for these.

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