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First Dental Visit.. When should it be??

We are always in a denial phase when it comes to something we are scared of. But wouldn’t it help more if we can face it and get over with it??

I think Yes.

According to certain studies done, 1 out of every 4 kids is effected by at least 1 cavity by the age of 4 years. This one cavity can be prevented by a normal routine dental checkup which can be done once every 6 months. It might help in detecting any cavity in the initial stage itself and preventing it from decaying the tooth any further.

But how many of us do so. Rarely any. And the reason is we are not aware that the dental hygiene is also important and like the vaccination appointments, and so we should visit a dentist routinely.

So, the first dental visit for your child should be at his or her first birthday. let that be a birthday gift, helping maintain a good oral hygiene.

As it is said, “Oral health leads to overall health”.

Pedodontists (many people are not aware of) are the experts for the kids that age, they are also know as the kids dentist. So as we all have one pediatrician fixed for our kids whom we visit routinely for vaccinations, so should we visit our pedodontist, to be aware of any cavity or any other problem which might be there and can be treated early.

Here I would again quote a saying, “Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is”. Anything caught early will cost less for treatment in dentistry rather than something found once the pain starts. So, it is better to maintain a habit of having a routine dental check up not only for our kids, but for ourselves too.

How should you prepare your child for the dental appointment?

* Take a morning appointment or the time of the day your child is the most active.
*If your child is a little older and it is his or her first dental visit, explain about it and tell why it is important.
*You can take your younger child for the appointment of the elder one. This will help in a positive reinforcement.
*Make the appointment exciting by telling that it would be a pleasant experience and will help in maintaining a good oral hygiene.
*Play dentist with your child prior to the appointment so that it seems a little familiar.

How should you prepare yourself for your child’s first dental appointment?

*Just think it to be a routine dental visit and there is absolutely nothing to panic about.
*As you prepare yourself for an appointment with your child’s pediatrician, the same way you can write down the questions you need to ask your pedodontist.
*In case your child has any medical history, remember to share it with your pedodontist.
*In case you have a dental fear or anxiety yourself, it would be nice to not show those feeling in front of your child instead make him or her comfortable about the appointment.

The first appointments are not usually long and do not include painful procedures, unless and until it is required to relive the pain the child might be suffering from. So, the child should be comfortable and the dentist almost always tries to make a friendly relationship with the kid, so as whenever required, the child is ready to get the treatment done without any hesitation. So, as parents, it is our responsibility, to take our kids for a routine dental check up in in build in them a habit of maintaining a good oral hygiene, and raise them to be responsible adults.

Happy Parenting!!

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