Not a perfect, but a loving and a good mom!

Being a mom since last two years, I have realized there is nothing called a perfect mother.. instead it a good and a loving mother. There is nothing in motherhood called as perfect.

You can not have a perfect home and still spend all the time with your kid, the house will be a mess some time or the other.You can not afford to always have your refrigerator filled with food, there might be days when you did not have any time to cook as you were busy with your child. You can not look dressed up with  beautiful hair all the time, as you might not even get time to take a bath as you were playing with your child.You can not expect to always be laughing and smiling, as you will get tired managing everything around you.
There is nothing called as a perfect mom. Mothers are humans too..

Here are few ways to be a good and loving (not a perfect) mom:

1. Believe in yourself- the most important thing is to believe that you are doing your best. Don’t doubt yourself. You are doing good.
2. Spend as much time as you can with your child- they don’t remember the clean houses or the money you earn. They will remember the time you will spend with them.
3. Teach your child the basic things in life- teach them the good gestures first. Alphabets and numbers they will be dealing their whole life.
4. Let your child be what they are- never force them to be someone else, or hide their feelings. Let them be what they are.
5. Don’t ask your child to hide their emotions whether happy or sad, let them express what they feel. If they do it now, they will learn to be emotionally strong when they grow up.
6. Let your child take decisions for themselves- let them take small decisions now ( e.g. what cloths to wear, what food to eat) and they will be good enough to take their decisions in the future.
7. Don’t hesitate to apologize– Never be shy or scared to say Sorry to your child for something wrong that you might have done. Its okay, they will learn how to not hide their mistakes.
8. Tell them that you love them- Tell them that you love them. A good night kiss is magical, and will do all the wonders. 
9. Listen to what they have to say- Though they might be saying something again and again through out the day, listen. That will give them trust and a feeling being heard. This will help them being more confident in the future. 
10. Love, accept and cherish yourself as a mother.. and you will be a good one.

Remember, a mom is a human too, and humans are not perfect but can be good  and amazing

Mom and Daughter posing for twinning photo

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