First Dental Visit.. When should it be??

We are always in a denial phase when it comes to something we are scared of. But wouldn’t it help more if we can face it and get over with it?? I think Yes. According to certain studies done, 1 out of every 4 kids is effected by at least 1 cavity by the age […]



We all are always eager to do our best for our family. If we try to deeply understand our contribution towards our children and other members of our family, we will see that our whole life revolves around our family. We sacrifice our comfort, our desires our sentiments even sometimes our health. When we bring […]


Not a perfect, but a loving and a good mom!

Being a mom since last two years, I have realized there is nothing called a perfect mother.. instead it a good and a loving mother. There is nothing in motherhood called as perfect. You can not have a perfect home and still spend all the time with your kid, the house will be a mess some […]


You Are A Good Mom!!

Yes you are.  Not just one, there are so many reasons that you are a good mom. Did the society try to tell you otherwise? Never mind…Trust me you are a good mom. # You woke up all those nights to just let your baby sleep well… You are a good mom. #You made sure […]


Gratitude For The Loving Family ❤️❤️

Growing up my absolutely favorite day was a Sunday!! The evening especially… Why?? Because everyone was home that day. To sit and spend time with each other… Talk.. have rajma rice or kadi rice to eat.. then some snacks in the evening. Was it just that?? Actually no. It was a feeling of being together..Together as a family… […]



Mamma…. Sounds so great to hear it.. but then you need to have patience, high energy level, 24 hours of time, and of course a loving ❤️.. which of course every mommy is gifted with. Freedom is the thing you will miss the most… But a friend for life is what you will get. Exhausted […]