Multiple Blue Rings

By Dr. Garima Verma

Benefits  of  JIG SAW puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles will enhance your child’s development in so many positive ways that you would be surprised to see the change.

Multiple Blue Rings

While doing the puzzles the child will be using the hands to pick up the pieces, turn them and fix them. This will help in development of the muscles of the fingers and hands.

Completing the puzzle is a great confidence booster for the child.

Blue Rings

Start with small and easy puzzles and gradually increase the difficulty level.

Multiple Blue Rings

The child while doing the puzzle will pick up a piece, look at it, co-ordinate with the other pieces and place it at the right place. So, it helps in building hand eye co-ordination.


Multiple Blue Rings

Puzzles enhances your confidence, cognitive skills, vocabulary, memory, helps you use both sides of your brain, and so much more.

Learning team work takes time and a lot of patience.

Blue Rings

JIGSAW puzzles help in understanding what team work is and how to work in groups

The child will be engrossed in the puzzle so much that he or she will be sitting there concentrating and taking all measures to finish it.


Jigsaw puzzles have only benefits. Kids as young as 2 years should be introduced jigsaw puzzles.  Start with 2 piece jigsaw puzzle and increase the number of pieces slowly.

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