There are a number of teethers available in the market, and after going through this story you can decide which is the best teether for your baby

1. 100 % Natural Rubber 2. BPA free 3. Easy to hold 4. Should be washed with a light soap under water 5. Available in white, brown and beige color

1. Silicone based teether 2. Shape: Ring form and finger shaped,Easy to hold, grip and chew 4. Available in yellow and red color

1. Flexible 2. BPA and Latex free 3. Helps in sensory development and hand eye co-ordination 4. Has a rattle too

1. Peeled banana shaped, so easy to hold 2. Has bristles for teeth and gums cleaning 3. Has massage point for relieving the irritation in the gums

1. Ring shaped teether for easy grip for the little one 2. Multiple textured surfaces to chew on 3. Very flexible 4. High temperature resistant

1. Comes in 2 colors yellow and blue 2. Easy to hold 3. Has an anti-choking shield 4. High temperature resistant so can be steam sterilized.

1. A ring shaped teether for easy and firm grip 2. Has different sensory textures 3. Has soft bumps to chew on

1. Hard 2. Made from the need tree 3. Neem wood’s enzymes, preserved in the trunk, releases as the child gnaws into it helping boost immunity and aid digestion

1. Transparent 2. FDA approved 3. Dishwasher safe 4. Multiple sensory textures with ridges and grooves 5. Soft and flexible 6. Has an anti-choking shield

1. FDA approved 2. Has multiple sensory textures with ridges and grooves 3. Has soft bumps and nubs 4. Heat resistant, so can be steam sterilized

1. Soft and flexible 2. Multiple sensory textures with ridges and grooves 3. Easy to grasp and chew

The best gift you can give your child during the teething phase, apart from Love and Care is the best Teether, which will help the Kid to go through this period smoothly.