Water Flosser Vs Normal Floss

Written by Nitish Singla 22 Aug, 2022

Food lodgement in the teeth is the common problem faced by many patients. So we recommend flossing to remove the food

What Is Flossing ?

The process of cleaning the adjoining surface of teeth is known as Flossing.

Normal Floss  Vs Water Flosser

Mostly patients find normal flossing bit difficult so we recommend water flossers. But Normal flossing is little bit better than water flossers.

Water flosser also know as an oral irrigator, is a device which has a reservoir for water and helps in cleaning in between teeth with pulsations of water.

1. Patients with arthritis. 2. Patients with braces.  3. Patients with crowded teeth. 4. Patients with crowns and implants. 5. Mentally compromised patients.

Who Should Use Water Flosser??

Ideally Everyone But Most Importantly by

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