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Is Water Flosser (Oral Irrigator) a good Idea?

Most of us have some or the other dental problems. And once we start ageing the dental problems start increasing, due to certain medical issues, periodontal problems, gingival issues, or just because of cavities. Solving these dental problems help us a lot in eating a balanced diet, keeping a good overall health and staying healthy.

There are a few things we need to do and follow religiously for a healthy oral and dental health:

  1. Brushing twice daily
  2. Flossing at least once everyday
  3. Rinsing after every meal
  4. A dental visit once every 6 months

What is a water flosser?

A water flosser also know as an oral irrigator, is a device which has a reservoir for water and helps in cleaning in between teeth with pulsations of water. The water helps in removing food from between the teeth where the brush does not reach and keeps the surface clean, preventing cavities.

Why to choose a water flosser?

Is the traditional way of flossing not good?? False…

The traditional way of flossing is one of the best ways to clean in between teeth.
Then why choose a water flosser?

Flossing using a thread is not very easy and comfortable for many. Here comes the role of a water flosser. It is more comfortable to use, less dexterity is required and also cleans up the surface of the teeth effectively.

There are certain times where the traditional flossing with a thread is not possible:

  1. Patients with arthritis: The dexterity of the hands is less, and it is difficult to reach the posterior teeth with a thread. A water flosser helps in cleaning the teeth better.
  2. Patients with braces: Patients having braces find it difficult to clean with just brushing. Flossing with the thread is again not possible due to the wires. In such cases a water flosser plays an important role.
  3. Patients with crowded teeth: Sometimes even if you have crowded teeth, you avoid orthodontic treatment for some reason or the other. The traditional floss does not go in such areas and therefore oral irrigators come handy.
  4. Patients with crowns and implants: There is a tight contact between teeth which have crowns and implants placed and again it is difficult to floss these areas. Oral irrigators here come into action and by cleaning the surface of teeth and keeping good dental as well as gingival health.
  5. Mentally compromised patients: Mentally compromised patients will have difficulty in flossing with the traditional floss. The patients himself or herself or the care giver can use the water flosser to clean in between teeth at-least once a day.

Is water flosser alternate to tooth brushing?

The answer to this is a big NO!

Nothing is an alternate to tooth brushing. Brushing twice a day using a pea size of fluoridated toothpaste is a must to prevent oral cavities, gingival and periodontal problems, halitosis etc.

Flosser is to enhance your dental and oral health to clean the surface of the teeth where the brush can not reach and can never be substituted for brushing.

Does water flosser remove tartar?

NO! Tartar is the hardened plaque, which has deposited on the surface of your teeth and can not be removed with anything except professional dental scaling or cleaning.

Water flosser removes the food from in between your teeth which if not removed will attract bacteria, release acids on the surface of your teeth and cause cavities. It can also cause gum disease, which can be seen as bleeding from the gums.

The food if stays there can change into plaque and eventually to tartar.

How often should you use a water flosser?

Flossing at least once a day is what has been advised by the American Dental Association. If the traditional method of flossing is not comfortable for you, water flosser is what you can use to keep your teeth clean.

Can water flosser damage your teeth or gums?

The researches have proven that a flosser does not cause any damage to the teeth or the gums. In fact it helps in keeping the gums healthy by preventing bleeding and therefore gum diseases and prevents cavities, as it prevents food lodgement.

Most of the water flossers come with a setting where the speed of the water can be controlled. You can reduce the speed depending upon your comfort level.

How does the Water flosser work?

When you insert the tip of the flosser in between your teeth where the tooth brush can not reach, with the help of water in pulsating motions the flosser will remove all the food and prevent any formation of plaque. It thus prevents gum diseases, bleeding and cavities.

When to use a water flosser? Before or After tooth brushing?

According to the American Dental Associaion (ADA) it is totally up to you when you want to floss. If you feel more comfortable before brushing, then you can do that. If you prefer after you have brushed your teeth then that too is fine.

There is no fixed time when you should floss, until and unless you do it.

Are water flossers better than normal flossing?

NO! The traditional way of flossing using a floss, can never be underestimated. Water flosser can be regarded as equally good but not better that the normal flossing.

These are a good options for people with less dexterity, children with braces, patients with crowns and bridges and tight contacts.

If you are comfortable using a traditional floss, there is no need for shifting to a water flosser.

How to use a water flosser?

Using a water flosser is easy but a little messy, so best is to use it over a sink.

  1. Fill the reservoir of the flosser with clean luke warm water.
  2. Put the tip of the flosser in between the teeth and let the handle be at a 90 degree angle to your teeth.
  3. Start the flosser and the water will start coming through the tip in pulsating motions.
  4. Starting from the last tooth keep coming in front and clean in between every teeth.

The whole process of flossing will take approximately 2 minutes. Remember to empty the reservoir if any water remains, as it might be source of bacterial growth.

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Various water flosser available in the market

There are a lot of water flossers available in the market. Here are the links to a few of the best water flossers available all over the world:

ORACURA® Smart Water Flosser®

best water flosser in the market ORACURA Smart Water Flosser

Buy Here (India): ORACURA® Smart Water Flosser®
Buy Here (Other Countries): ORACURA® Smart Water Flosser®

With more that 1800 reviews (4 star plus), this water flosser is widely used and is also convenient for the pocket. It helps in easy & effective cleaning of the teeth and gums, making it a suitable option for both kids as well as adults. The high capacity i.e. 300ml water tank ensures an interruption-free and longer duration of flossing. Being both compact and portable, this water flosser model is ideal for frequent travelers.

The rechargeable batteries ensure more power and a long-lasting charge. One single charge can last for up to 10-15 days. The water flosser consists of 3 suitable working modes to meet individual dental care requirements i.e. normal mode, soft mode, and pulse mode. Pulse mode assists in massaging the gums, making them healthy & strong. The water pressure range is between 40-90 PSI for 3 modes of flossing. It has a 24 (18+6) months warranty period. The product’s spare parts and accessories are easily available on the website in case of any replacement or requirement.

ORACURA® Sonic Smart PLUS Combo Water Flosser

ORACURA Sonic Smart PLUS Combo Water Flosser best water flosser 2022

Buy Here (India): ORACURA® Sonic Smart PLUS Combo Water Flosser
Buy Here (Other Countries): ORACURA® Sonic Smart PLUS Combo Water Flosser

Another good product from Oracura is this high-speed water jet, Oracura’s OC200. The amalgamation is the easiest and effective method to cleanse your braces, bridges, dental implants whilst preventing gum diseases and achieving healthy teeth.

It is made with advanced technology, and comes with 8 custom water pressure mode settings and it includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts more than 10-15 days. It provides 40,000 strokes per minute, for professional-level care of your dental health. It is portable, rechargeable, cordless, and comes with 5 tips. It has a higher water tank capacity and four operation mode. The water pressure range is 40-90 PSI for 4 modes. It also has an inbuilt timer and sleek, light-weight, and anti-skid handle. It has a warranty period of 24 months.

Perfora Smart Water Flosser

Perfora Smart Water Flosser, something nice water flosser

Buy Here (India): Perfora Smart Water Flosser
Buy Here (Other Countries): Perfora Smart Water Flosser

Portable with USB C type charger with a battery life of 30 days. This water flosser has a 245ml size optimum water tank with 5 Modes. It comes with a travel friendly pouch. It has been provided with 2 nozzles (White Gold) which are ergonomically designed for efficient movement and deep cleaning. The company gives a 1 year warranty on the product.

It is cordless with one of the strongest motors. It has a waterproof exterior which enables showering and flossing simultaneously along with easy cleaning of the flosser.

It has 5 flossing modes and is one of the most versatile flosser with options for everyone. You can choose from the 5 modes – Pulse, Soft, Standard, Powerful and Shoot. For first timers it is recommended to start with pulse or soft modes.

With more 4 star plus reviews this is one of the best water flosser you can opt for.

BESTOPE Water Dental Flosser Oral Irrigator

BESTOPE Water Dental Flosser Oral Irrigator,

Buy Here (India): BESTOPE Water Dental Flosser Oral Irrigator
Buy Here (Other Countries): BESTOPE Water Dental Flosser Oral Irrigator

Another pocket friendly water flosser Bestope oral irrigator is upgraded with 5 settings of water pressure (range from 20-110psi), and can be adjusted depending upon you comfort. There is a gravity ball at the end of tube that ensures water can come out completely no matter what directions the machine leans when flossing. The flosser is IPX7 certified which makes it leak proof. It comes with 8 replaceable jet nozzles for different cleaning requirements.

The build-in 2500mah rechargeable lithium battery provides 30 days of uninterrupted usage, which is 35% higher and eliminates the need for frequent charging & carrying the charger when travelling. The nozzle rotates 360° which helps to easily clean areas that are difficult to reach. The innovative memory function helps to go to the setting that you were in previously. Designed with noise reduction, below 75 decibels it gives a better sense of use.

AGARO Oral Irrigator

AGARO Oral Irrigator

Buy Here (India): AGARO Oral Irrigator
Buy Here (Other Countries): AGARO Oral Irrigator

With a 2 minute auto timer this flosser has 4 cleaning modes, soft, normal, pulse and custom. It has a 200 ml large water tank and a rotatable nozzle for easy cleaning action. It is portable devise with a 4 hour charging and usage of 15 days.

Dr Trust Electric Power Portable Professional Rechargeable Dental device

Dr Trust Electric Power Portable Professional Rechargeable Dental device

Buy Here (India): Dr Trust Electric Power Portable Professional Rechargeable Dental device
Buy Here (Other Countries): Dr Trust Electric Power Portable Professional Rechargeable Dental device

Available in 3 modes ( standard, gentle, massage) for deep cleaning this water flosser comes with a 1800 times per min jet pulses. It has a powerful 1400 mAh lithium battery and can be recharged through the USB plug. It is small and light weight device which is easy to carry even while travelling.

It has a capacity of 300 ml and runs for a longer time. It throws water with 220ml per min flow rate and 30-100 psi pressure range. It has a IPX7 grade body which is waterproof.

It comes with 360 degrees rotating long nozzle with 4 replacement classic jet tips which are easy to replace. It also has a one-button control switch and memory function.The smart indicator light confirms which mode has been chosen.When switching it back on,the mode will be the same as when the device was switched off.

A not very expensive water flosser, you can buy this for your routine use and good dental health.

Philips Sonicare Power Flosser

Philips Sonicare Power Flosser, Phillips sonicate water flosser 3000

Buy Here (India): Philips Sonicare Power Flosser
Buy Here (Other Countries): Philips Sonicare Power Flosser

Going by the brand name, Philips is one of the best brand for almost all its products available in the market, and the same is true for its water flosser.

It comes with a quad stream tip, which creates four wide streams of water for a thorough cleaning between the teeth and along the gum line. It also has a pulse wave technology which has gentle pulses of water which guides you from tooth to tooth so that you won’t miss a spot. It has a whisper quiet design so you get great results without disturbing others. It has 2 flossing modes and 10 intensities. Also has a magnetic docking station with auto shut-off. Overall a good investment to make for a good dental health.

WaterPik Ultra Dental Water Jet

WaterPik Ultra Dental Water Jet, quip water flosser review, best waterpik 2022

Buy Here (India): WaterPik Ultra Dental Water Jet
Buy Here (Other Countries): WaterPik Ultra Dental Water Jet

One of the most renowned brands, this water flosser has a 5 to 90 Psi, 7 tips advanced pressure control system with 10 settings. It has a reservoir with built-in tip storage pause button on handle. It is also smaller and quieter than various other models from Waterpik. According to most of reviews by the users, this oral irrigator was really helpful in maintaining good oral hygiene, especially for patients with implants and crowns.

Colgate Water Flosser

Colgate Water Flosser, Colgate blast water flosser

Buy here (India): Colgate Water Flosser
Buy here (Other Countries): Colgate Water Flosser

One of this most renowned brands in dentistry, this newly launched water flossser from Colgate has promised to give amazing results. It has a waterproof design that is safe to use in the shower which means no more messy fingers in your mouth, an easier and cleaner alternative to flossing between the teeth and along the gums. It has 3 pressure modes of gentle, regular and pulse, and can be adjusted accordingly to the setting that suits your gums.

The rechargeable battery that lasts for more than 4 weeks. The reservoir is of the capacity 140 ml and is easy to fill. It lasts up to 60 seconds. It is compact, cordless and portable design for easy everyday use and is convenient to take along while travelling.

Oral-B Water Flosser Advanced

Oral-B Water Flosser Advanced

Buy Here (India): Oral-B Water Flosser Advanced
Buy Here (Other Countries): Oral-B Water Flosser Advanced

Oral B know for its brand name in dental health also has one of the best oral irrigators available in the market.

The irrigator is a cordless portable oral irrigator with 3 Nozzles. It works on the new oxyjet technology (water enriched with microbubbles of air) which targets and helps eliminate plaque and bacteria and helps in maintaining healthier gums. It has a long lasting rechargeable battery and a charging station. It has 3 flossing modes.

The only disadvantage of this flosser is it is way too expensive than the other flossers available in the market.

The Bottom Line

Both flossing with a floss or using a water flosser are good, until good oral hygiene is maintained and flossing is done regularly. It is an individual preference and none of the two methods can be regarded as superior to the other.

Brushing twice daily and flossing once daily is what is necessary for maintaining good oral hygiene. A visit to a dentist once every 6 months is also one of the most important things and should never be missed.

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