5 Steps to a more  Effective Parenting 

By: Dr. Garima Verma

Parenting is the most difficult yet the most beautiful journey ever. Every parent would want to do the best they can for their child. 

Always appreciate your child. Appreciation boosts a child's self esteem, confidence and the child tends to be more successful in life. 

Boost your child's self esteem

Time is more important than anything you will ever buy for your child. You might be busy with your work, but do not forget to keep some time aside for your child every single day.

Make time for your children

Actions are more important than words. Do what you want your child to do, as he or she will always follow your footsteps.

Be your child's good role model

Listen to what your child wants to say. Get down at their level and listen to their stories everyday, and also share yours. 

Communication is necessary

As simple as I Love You, will make their day. Say it often. Saying I love you develops a sense of trust in them for you. They stay more happy and relaxed.

Show your unconditional love