This was the first book set which we ordered for our kid. We liked these books very much. Here are few pictures and our review of this book:

The book set we ordered was a set of 10 books in one pack. We liked these 10 books so much that we ordered the other set of 10 books after a few days. Each book contains 22 high quality images.

all the books are made with card board which the kids can not tear easily. The size of each book is around 9 cm by 10 cm, which is neither too small nor too big, and very easy for the kids to handle.

The topics included in the set 1 are – ABC, numbers, shapes, colors, wild animals, farm animals and pets, birds, fruits, vegetables and transport. The books helps kids to identify objects, colors, animals, birds and various other things which are necessities for the day to day life. They instill in them a though of sitting and reaching something rather than getting busy in the gadgets. the books also helps increase kids, vocabulary. It is a must buy for all the toddlers to develop an interest as well as help increase their knowledge about various things.

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To order please click on the link below:

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Have fun!