tooth eruption chart, permanent teeth

Tooth Eruption Chart (Permanent Teeth)

Even the child by this age is excited to get the permanent teeth. Permanent teeth are the adult teeth which a child starts getting between the age of 6-7 years. These are not replaced by any other teeth in the future.

So, it is very important to take good care of the permanent teeth. At the age of 6 years the child is mature enough to understand that health is important and what is good and bad for them. But as parents or guardians it is our duty to help them understand this.

A child can start brushing his or her teeth on their own by themselves but the best thing to do is supervise. Another trick is to let them brush their teeth own their own once a day and you can brush their teeth for them once a day. That way you will be aware of the oral health of the child, and the cavities can be prevented.

Here is the tooth eruption chart for the permanent teeth.

tooth eruption chart for permanent teeth

Source: American Dental Association

AgeAge of Eruption
Upper Central Incisors7-8 Years
Upper Lateral Incisors8-9 Years
Upper Canine11-12 Years
Upper First Premolars 10-11 Years
Upper Second Premolars10-12 Years
Upper First Molar6-7 Years
Upper Second Molar12-13 Years
Upper Third Molar (Wisdom Molar)17-21 Years
Lower Central Incisors6-7 Years
Lower Lateral Incisors7-8 Years
Lower Canine9-10 Years
Lower First Premolar10-12 Years
Lower Second Premolar11-12 Years
Lower First Molar6-7 Years
Lower Second Molar11-13 Years
Lower Third Molar (Wisdom Tooth)17-21 Years

The lower central incisors i.e. the lower front teeth and the upper and the lower first molars are the first to erupt. The First molars will erupt behind the primary second molars (milk teeth).

Tip For Easy Teething:

The child might have swollen gums in that region. You can give the child hard food to chew on. This will relieve the irritation and the pain in the gums. Always remember to visit a dentist every 6 months, to keep the child’s teeth healthy and oral hygiene good.

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