• Pink or Blue: The Gender Discrimination!
    Did you know the “pink is for girls and blue is for boys“ is not what it was in the ancient times. In fact pink was regarded as more of a strong color and so was for boys, and blue more delicate and dainty was for girls. But eventually the […]
  • International Children’s Book Day 2021!
    Celebrated every year on the 2nd of April since 1967, on the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen. He was a great author, play writer and above all is remembered as an astounding fairy tale writer. Remember the The Little Mermaid ?? The Ugly Duckling?? The Snow Queen?? All were written by […]
  • When to start using toothpaste for kids?
    Every parent wants his or her child to have a beautiful and a healthy smile. ECC (Early childhood caries) is one of the most prevalent chronic childhood disease that is preventable. It not just causes aesthetic difficulties for the child but also causes pain and discomfort which prevents the child […]
  • Personal Hygiene Tips to Teach Your Child to Stay Healthy!!
    Habits made early are easy to follow throughout life. If these habits are good habits, there is no comparison to that. Personal hygiene are the habits which help us stay healthy and should therefore be followed from the day one. Of course the new baby who has just come to […]
  • First Dental visit for Children!
    Ever wondered when exactly should you take your child for the first dental visit?? Due to the lack of awareness of dental health and hygiene, we as parents do not stress much on the dental visits. Until and unless there is pain or discomfort with both ourselves as well as […]
  • Do you need to clean your baby’s tongue??
    Have you ever wondered how much bacteria that tiny mouth would be harboring when you just forget to clean it or think it is not important yet?? The day one of the new born’s life starts with intake of milk and this milk keeps depositing on the various surfaces in […]
  • International Women’s Day!
    Woman… One of the most miraculous existing people on the planet. Woman… A human being beyond ordinary Woman… Born to be a leader Woman… A daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister Woman… An entrepreneur, a doctor, a painter, a musician Woman… Down to earth in an astonishing way Woman… […]
  • 20 Perfect Gift Ideas for a New Born Baby!
    A new born baby is surreal, and dream like and buying a perfect gift for him or her is one of the most arduous job. And when this tiny little human is someone really really close to you, it becomes even more difficult to decide what perfect gift you should […]
  • Toothbrush Care Manual!!
    Toothbrush, a necessity we can say, is one of the most neglected personal item, which is responsible for a lot of health issues for your body. Which color toothbrush should I buy?? Which brand should I be looking for?? Should I buy the expensive funky one or a normal inexpensive […]