Touch and Feel Board Book

So after reading many reviews we finally thought of giving touch and feel books a try. We ordered touch and feel book : baby animals, as our kid is more into animals. Here are few pictures and our review of this book:

The book contains six baby animals to touch and feel but there was description of only five animals as one was on cover page without any description.

A part of animal’s body is cut from the book and fur or some material is placed, like in elephant one ear is replaced to give feel of elephant’s skin or in tiger, tail is replaced with some hairy stuff, to give the feel. The fur or material provided in each animal is giving an authentic feel of that baby animal’s body. Like in case of chicken it was very soft fur and while in elephant it was as rough an elephant’s skin is. According to us this is a good thing if you are introducing this to your kid at early age as kids are more curious at that time.

Apart from giving a feel of animals body this book also provides 1-2 facts about each animal. Finally we would advice you to give these books a try.

To order please click on the link below:

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Have fun!

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