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Cosmetic Dentistry: Your Way To a Beautiful Smile

While we are unable to change many aspects of our physical appearance, cosmetic dentistry puts one of the most important parts of our face under our total control. Your smile can be the most endearing and beautiful aspect of your appearance. But crooked teeth, discoloured teeth, misaligned teeth or missing teeth, all can ruin that wonderful smile that should make your first impression a pleasant one. And if you are self-conscious about your teeth you may be unable to smile.

This is where cosmetic dentistry can change your life. A cosmetic dentist can alter your self-esteem and how others see you with a complete smile makeover.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fix Your Smile

Dental problems sometimes are cosmetic problems that can also dramatically alter your daily life. Inconsistent dental hygiene can have permanent consequences, and sugar, which is a major component of virtually everyone’s diet, is destructive to oral health, destroying enamel and weakening tooth structure. Fortunately, if you are only now realizing the damage that has been done to your teeth from years of poor diet and habits, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry certifies dentists with the ability to change your dental future. Dozens of cosmetic procedures are available for those whose natural teeth leave something to be desired.

  • They can replace damaged teeth or cracked teeth with dental crowns, dental implants or false teeth.
  • They can repair decayed teeth with tooth-coloured materials that will have a very subtle and natural appearance.
  • Indirect fillings are an even more natural-looking option to discreetly hide repairs.
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth can be straightened with invisible composite braces, which are much more attractive than the original metal braces.
  • Damaged enamel that has been eaten away by sugar can be replaced with dental veneers made of strong composite materials.
  • Severely discoloured teeth, stained by coffee, tea or red wine, can be greatly improved with teeth whitening treatments.
  • A missing tooth can be replaced with a dental implant that looks just like a healthy tooth.

All of these cosmetic dentistry treatments and more are available to allow you to have the smile you have always wanted.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures for Your Long-Term Oral Health

Good dental hygiene, diet, and rest are all important to keep your teeth in good health, but sometimes life gets the best of you and your natural teeth suffer the consequences. If you have been through difficult times and are starting to take charge of your health, you may experience regret at the state of your teeth. The sooner you start your new lifestyle of reduced sugar and better hygienic routines, the better; but even if some of your teeth are too damaged to heal themselves, it is not too late.

Cosmetic Dentistry is a way to reset the clock and start fresh. Tooth decay doesn’t just go away, and missing teeth will not grow back, but some indirect fillings and a replacement tooth can give you a chance to start fresh and take care of a great smile again. Look up a nearby cosmetic dental practice to find out how they can help you to regain your confidence.

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Teeth whitening (cosmetic dentistry) also known as beaching, is a common cosmetic dental procedure that makes a big difference in your appearance in as little as a single office visit. The visit might last from half an hour to forty-five minutes. The tooth surface is coated with a whitening gel and exposed to a UV light to hasten the process. Afterwards, consistent use of whitening toothpaste and reduction in dark-coloured liquids like coffee can help maintain your new shiny teeth. The teeth whitening procedure gives you an instant sparkling smile and brings the shade of your teeth 2-3 shades lighter than your original teeth.

dental implants, missing teeth, teeth, decayed teeth

If a tooth is missing, too crooked, or badly damaged or decayed, sometimes the best option is to extract or remove the tooth and replace it with a dental implant. Quality dental implants are strong and look like natural teeth thanks to medical-grade ceramic. As long as your jaw is strong enough to support the implant, the new tooth will soon just be part of your beautiful smile. A nutrient-dense diet will help to make sure your new tooth has a solid foundation. Dental implants are the latest dental procedures and don’t harm any of your adjacent healthy teeth.

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It is best to make sure children get braces when they are young, but even adults can correct crooked teeth with braces. Braces are made up of metal or ceramic and a wire runs through them, which is changed almost every month. Braces help to align your teeth, to give you a beautiful smile (cosmetic dentistry).

As braces are visible to others when you have them, the latest treatment for your crooked teeth is Invisalign or clear aligners. These are almost undetectable or invisible but can revamp your mouth. This is another simple cosmetic dentistry procedure that pays big dividends. Clear aligners are not for everyone, so you need to visit your dentist and get a clinical examination done. Your dentist will let you know if clear aligners are a good choice for you or if you should go with the traditional metal braces.

dental crowns, decayed teeth, root canal treatment, rct

When you have a damaged or misaligned tooth that won’t be fixed by ordinary means but isn’t in bad enough shape to justify an implant, a dental crown may be just the thing. In simple words, a tooth that is damaged but can be restored, or a tooth which has undergone a root canal treatment can be saved using a tooth-coloured dental crown that mimics a natural tooth. The tooth’s entire surface is reshaped and covered with a dental crown, perfectly formed in a dental laboratory and firmly bonded to the tooth root. It looks similar to your natural teeth, therefore giving you your beautiful smile back.

porcelian veneers, veners, smile, bright smile

If your front teeth have unattractive damaged enamel, but the tooth structure is good, or you want a permanent solution for your discoloured teeth, an excellent option is dental veneers. The veneer is attached to the tooth structure by a dental bonding agent, creating a strong and beautiful set of front teeth where they have been unattractive and discoloured.

How A Cosmetic Dentist Can Give You a Fresh Start

If life circumstances or your own regrettable choices have left your teeth showing evidence of the care they didn’t receive; if an accident has left you with missing teeth; or if your genetics dealt you a frustrating tendency for your teeth to deteriorate despite the best care that you could muster, you owe it to yourself to find a good cosmetic dentistry practice and schedule an appointment.

Straight, well-aligned teeth are much easier to care for than crooked or crowded teeth, and when your teeth are functioning correctly your whole body works better, from better digestion to better sleep and reduced stress. The holistic result of taking charge of your oral health with cosmetic dentistry cannot be overstated. So, when if in doubt, visit a cosmetic dentist today and know in detail about what can be done to enhance your smile. So, visit your dentist today for any kind of cosmetic dental procedure (cosmetic dentistry).

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