Story Books for Toddlers (Time to Read Series)

Instilling the habit of reading is something we should start early with. Reading to our kids when they are just babies is the key to help them become readers in the future.

We received this set of six books from a dear friend for our daughter, and we loved it. These are books which are part of “Time to Read” series by MACMILLAN.

The following titles were in the book set :

  1. 1. Lion Practice by Emma Carlisle
  2. 2. Dinosaur Starts School by Pamela Duncan Edwards and Deborah All wright
  3. 3. Wendel’s Workshop by Chris Riddell
  4. 4. What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson & Lydia Monks
  5. 5. Aunt Amelia by Rebecca Cobb
  6. 6. Winston was Worried by Pamela Duncan Edwards & Benji Davies

Here are few pictures and our review of these books:

Each book is a short story with some moral and beautiful illustration for the child to understand. It has life lessons and ways to positive thinking. These books are amazing in intriguing the interest of young readers and making them glued to the story till the very end.

1. Wendel’s Workshop

Wendel was an inventor and his workshop got too untidy inventing things as there was no time to tidy up. So, he created a robot and called him Clunk. Clunk was unable to perfectly clean Wendel’s workshop and instead made it messier. So Wendel created a new robot, Wendelbot and threw Clunk in thrash. But Wendelbot tidy up the things a little too much and even threw Wendel in the trash. There Wendel found Clunk again and they created an army of robots, and could finally overpower Wendelbot. So, finally Wendel decided not throw anything into thrash again that can be of value to him.

2. Dinosaur Starts School

Every child has some wear for the first day of school. Here this book shows a lot of fears a child might face and what you need to do to help the child overcome them. The book aptly work to alleviate the fear from the kid’s mind. It is one of the best reads before the first day of school.

Good Read: First day of school: 13 Tips to make it fun

3. Aunt Amelia

Aunt Amelia comes to look after the two kids, who were reluctant to have her as they did not know her. There parents were going out for a day. The children were very worried about her arrival as they thought Aunt Amelia would be very strict. When the parents depart, leaving a list of instructions as to how the children should behave, the kids, encouraged by Aunt Amelia, do lots of ‘naughty’ things that they are not normally allowed to do.

The book doesn’t encourage good activities and habits so, as a parent it would be difficult to let someone baby sit who doesn’t abide by what the children are suppose to do, though they had a lot of fun. But, as it is said, “Excess of everything is bad.”

4. Winston was worried

Poor Winston’s got a splinter in his paw, and what he thought was it was the most horrible thing that could happen to anyone, and so the expression, “there is nothing worse than having a splinter in the paw.” He was telling the same to all his friends on his way to the vet, but what he could not understand was that all his friends got even worse injuries and were sitting in the vets clinic before even he could reach there.

So, the lesson the author wanted to give here was, that there is much worse happening around us, and we should not always thing that worse happens to us and should be thankful for what we have.

5. What the Ladybird Heard

The ladybird said never a word.
But the ladybird saw,
And the ladybird heard . . .

This is the story about two thieves planning to steal farmer’s cow. The book has various animal voices which your child can learn and even remember after you read the book a few times to your child. But the ladybird doesn’t say a word, but plans the whole thing and saves the precious cow.

6. Lion Practice

Laura loves to practice being different animals. She is a fun filled joyful little girl. She’s been a kangaroo, a parrot and a crocodile – but nothing beats lion practice! It’s fun to leap, and run and roar really loud she feels. But her mom and dad wanted her to be a little quite and she got upset. Finally they hug her and she comes home back, and after a healthy big meal and a bubble bath plans to practice being a cheeky monkey the next morning. So, get ready to leap, jump and ROAR along with a lively little girl and her BIG imagination in this beautiful illustration of a little minds day.

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Happy Reading!

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