There are a lot of causes of bleeding gums, but most common being Gingival Inflammation as we call it. It is the inflammation of the gingiva i.e. your gums, which might have been caused by improper oral hygiene. A layer of plaque (debris and the bacteria) gets deposited on the surface of our teeth which causes the inflammation of the gums. This leads to redness, bleeding, swelling and tenderness in the gums. This is the early sign of gum disease i.e. Gingivitis.

Do you have Bleeding Gums??

Have you been seeing some bleeding while brushing lately?? Have you noticed pink color of your toothpaste when you spit it out ?? If this has happened only once or twice or when you started using a new toothbrush or may be flossed a little too hard, it is fine. But in case it has […]

Do you have Bleeding Gums??