So here is a list of amazing Positive words, you must tell your child often:

40 Positive words your child needs to hear!!

positive words for your kids

Being positive around your child and speaking positive, and constructive words which makes the child more optimistic, pragmatic and definite is something every child requires. A negative atmosphere at home, school or anywhere the child spends time is something that can make the child less hopeful, pessimistic and doubtful.

So, as a parent it is our duty to do our best to make sure the parenting we do is more towards the positive side. It should be our maximum effort to raise a good, and a positive human being who is in love with life.

Kids are like clay, you can mold them into whatever you want to. They grasp so well and remember it remarkably, that you would be amazed by the way they turn out to be. Just mesmerizing.

So here is a list of amazing Positive words, you must tell your child often:

1. I Love You

I love you bear y much

One of the most pure and amazing thing to hear from someone is I LOVE YOU. Tell your child that you love him or her at least once a day and it will have a great impact on your child.

2. I Love to spend my time with you

Being busy in the daily life, we spend a little less time with our kids sometimes. This might make them a little sad and upset. But giving them affirmation that you love spending time with them and you just got a little busy with some work might help them cheer up and even make their day. Of course they will be having a lot to talk to you about the time you could not spend together. Listen and respond, and they will eventually forget what they were upset about.

3. We are blessed to have you in our lives

The most wonderful feeling is when some one tells you that you are an amazing and most important part of their lives. So is with the kids. Tell them how blessed you feel for them to be your kids and you will be surprised to see that amazing smile on their face. It will just make their day.

4. You make us smile

Letting them know that they are the reason for your smile will be mesmerizing to them and they will stay even more happy not knowingly but unknowingly as this will have a positive effect on their brain.

5. We trust you

Being trusted by our loved ones is something that we all would like and it would make us feel more confident and secure. When you tell your child that you trust him or her, this will make them more confident and will also help them in taking their own decisions in the future.

6. You are beautiful

Doesn’t matter what the world says, you should tell your child that he or she is handsome or beautiful. This is what is most important for the child, this is what the child’s mind perceives.

7. You are hard working

Winning or loosing is not the point. Working hard is what matters the most. So, despite your child won or lost some tournament, or got good marks or could not score well, tell them that he or she worked hard for this and that is all that matters.

8. Your opinion matters to us

The child is a equal part of the family. Irrespective of the age once the child starts speaking and understanding things, there are so many decisions the child can be a part of, and you should make them feel that their opinion on this matters.

e.g. choosing their own clothes what they want to wear, or you can ask them what would they want you to cook for lunch or dinner today, or before buying something new for the house you can just ask their opinion too.

9. You did a great job

Again regardless of whether your child wins or losses, just telling them that they did a great job is what is the most important thing. It will not just boost their confidence but also help them to participate again the next time.

10. You make us proud

Making your parents proud is one of the best things in the world, isn’t it?? So when you tell them that they make you feel proud, is when they feel overwhelmed and out of the world. This will help them in putting even more efforts the next time.

11. We are grateful to have you

blessed to have you

Getting that warmth from your parents when they tell you that they are so lucky they have you as their child is again one of the best feelings in the world.

Raising a child is a task and is equal to 2.5 jobs is what some studies tell us. But, not taking out anger because we are tired, on our children is what is needed. They need to hear that you are grateful that they are your children, and you love them the most.

12. You will do wonders in life

Making them believe that they will do wonders in life is a parents job. No matter how their life is going to turn out, it is our duty as a parent to give them positivity and to help them really do wonders in life.

13. Yes you can do it

It might sound a little pushy, but this is what is required sometimes. Especially when your child is loosing all the confidence due to not achieving something he or she wants to. This is when you get in with your positive and pushy words. And trust me, their focus and orientation will change towards a much positive side.

14. Always coming first is not important

Children now a days just don’t want to loose. So, we need to make them understand that participation is what is more important and not the winning.

For our 2.5 year old daughter who was adamant of winning every time we did something (may it be just climbing a flight of stairs and be the first one to do so), was all that was important. Yes it is a tender age and she would have understood as she grew up, but as a parent I felt it was important that she understand it soon.

It is we parents actually who instill in them this habit. Like while eating when they are not finishing their food many of us would say, “Don’t you want to be the first one to finish?” It might look like a very small thing to say and something that might not harm them and is for their own good, but is actually where all this starts.

15. You are brave


Being brave is important to sustain in the world we live in. Make them feel they are brave and they will start feeling the same. And their actions will change by just listening to what you are saying, as parents have the maximum influence on their children.

16. You are strong

Being strong and facing the world is again something we need to make our kids do. So tell them they are strong and can achieve whatever they want to achieve. This will help them face their fears, and eventually turn out to be these amazing humans.

17. We feel happy to see you smile

Yes, it is true. Parents are happy when their kids are happy. So why not just tell them that. It will spread even more smiles.

18. We respect you

Respect is something every living being deserves. It doesn’t matter what the age of your child is.

If we respect them they will respect us back and will know how to talk and behave with the other person, may it be a friend, a teacher or a grand parent.

19. I am sorry

Saying sorry is not a negative word. Sorry makes us feel how strong we are. Sorry lets us be the stronger person. When you think you did something wrong you should have not done, there is nothing wrong in saying sorry to your child.

Ever tried apologizing to your child?? It works…

20. We are in this together

There will be times when your child will be sad, or emotional or not feeling good about something. That is the time when they need to hear that you are with them and will be there to support them whatever way they want you to be.

21. How do you want me to help you?

They are kids and they will be needing your help. So, sometimes especially for the teenagers you will have to be the big guy and ask them what help would they want from you. They might hesitate at first but eventually they will give in and tell you what they need from you.

22. I love it when you hug me

Hugging is magical (Jadu ke japi) . And if you tell them you love their hugs, you will get another one from them right there.

23. You are a smart child

Yes all kids are smart. But you need to tell yours that he or she is one of the smartest. This will give a boost to their smartness even more. But make sure they do not become those proud little kids, as that would be dangerous.

24. I totally understand you

Hard times do come in everyone’s lives. And sometimes what a person needs is just to listen to them and not judge. This is when you tell them that you understand them.

25. Be Yourself

Being what they are is what matter the most. As a parent we should never compare them to anyone, not even ourselves and ask them to be themselves and have their own identity,

26. You are kind

When they show an act of kindness, you should tell them that it was really kind of them. This will help them to repeat the good deed once again.

27. It is okay to make mistakes

There is nothing wrong in making mistakes. But important thing is to learn from it. So, tell them it was totally fine that they messed up, and it will be fine if they are a little more careful from the next time.

28. You are fun to be around

Being fun to be around and spending time with someone is again something we all admire and love to hear. Same goes for the kids. If you tell them they are fun to be around and you love to spend your time with them, this will also help them to gain confidence and also make more friends.

29. You tried your best

Ups and downs are the part of life, and we should prepare our kids for the same. So telling them they did their best for something they could not achieve but worked really hard, will give them hope to perform better next time and also give positivity to achieve what they desire to achieve.

30. I really appreciate your help

No matter if their help made your work little easy or not, but the fact that they tried is the big thing. So, telling them that you really appreciate their help is what is most important which will help them sense that they are important at home and make a difference.

31. Keep trying

“Try try until you succeed”, it is a very old saying and is quite true. So, whatever your child might be doing and trying, you need to tell them not to give up and keep trying for the best.

32. It is okay to be sad

Being sad is an emotion just like being happy. So, there is nothing wrong in being sad when things are not good. In fact it is the reaction of our body and mind to something not pleasant. So, it is okay to let our kids be sad sometimes.

33. I am always there for you

A child is dependent on his or her parents the most. And if the parents are there for them that is the best thing a child can ever have. So, tell them that you are always there for them, no matter what the situation might be. Also tell them they can rely on you and trust you for almost anything in their life.

34. You are a good friend

Being a friend to your child is the most comfortable thing. Your child can share with you and you can help them achieve and decide what is wrong and what is right. You can guide them the right path without the lectures and by just being a friend, and vice versa. You tell your child that he or she is a good friend of yours and you will get a good friend from them. They will eventually start understanding what friends are, and how they raise each other up.

35. It is a great idea

Appreciate your child’s ideas when they give it during discussions. If you do not think what they are saying is right then politely tell them that what is not correct about it and how they should proceed. Do not make fun of their ideas as their mind is still developing.

36. Have fun

You might be worried when your child goes out with friends or for picnics, but the right thing to do is, to let them go, of course after checking all the details and wishing them good luck and telling them to have fun, and also meaning it. This will again let them enjoy more and will avoid any trust issues.

37. You are the best

Appreciation does wonders. And telling your child that he or she is the best will help them gain more confidence and they will put even more efforts.

38. I admire you

Admiration is more like respecting some one and feeling pleasure in what they are or have. So, admiring your kids will make them respect themselves. This will in return teach them to respect others.

39. Keep it up

After every achievement or even after the just trying you should encourage your child and tell them you are proud of them and keep it up. This will again boost their confidence and will make them participate even more.

40. Thank you!

thank you

Thank you is a very pleasant and a positive word. Also know as a magic word it helps someone feel warmth and good about what they just did for you may it be a small thing like handing over something. It also helps the child learn to say thank you to others, which is much needed when they go out in the society.

Fill the empty bucket you have been gifted by God with lots and lots of positivity to help your child do wonders and achieve the best in life always. And even if they do not achieve everything they wanted to, at least they would have the courage and the mind set to stay happy and move on to the next level in life.

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