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Terrible two’s or tremendous two’s??

When they are those tiny little infants, we are curious and waiting when will they grow up, start taking their first steps, walking, talking and finally being a little independent. But as soon as they start doing it at the approximate age of 2 or may be a little earlier, they get to know that there are lot of things they can now do it by themselves, as they have the power to move. What exactly do we call this age at that point of time when they are set free from our laps, “The terrible two’s”.

But is it exactly the terrible two’s? Shouldn’t it be the tremendous two’s, as they are all set to do new things, speak and ask us questions, try eating their own food, help us in our chores as much as they can and so many other things they have started learning?

The energy that is flowing in them is so much that they are picking up everything, every second of the day, and they will give you back whatever you give them. My daughter who just turned two, will suddenly out of nowhere tell me something that I must have said to her or someone else infront of her may be today or a few days back. That is the kind of memory or intelligence the kids of this generation have, and to channelize it into the right path is what is the most important thing needed to make these terrible two’s into the tremendous two’s. And there are a few ways we can do it making ours as well as our toddlers life comfortable.

Listen: They are growing up and will sure want to explore the world according to what they want to do. There will be their way and there will be our way. So the best thing is to first listen to their way, it can be something that might not cause any harm or can be something we can help them do. If, that is not the case, we can just try to be calm, make them sit, and explain, why it is not the right thing to do it their way. But if from the beginning (when they were not in their terrible two’s) itself you have been doing everything according to what they have been asking for, then this is the time when you will find it to be a little difficult.

Appreciate: I believe appreciation is the biggest gift to humanity. If we appreciate what they do, when they are doing something good or nice, that is the time when we gain their trust and also help them believe in themselves. This will not only boost their confidence but also help them in trusting in us.

Spend Quality Time: Parenting is a full time job. If one of the parent is not available, and other can be, it would be blessing for the child. Spending as much time as possible with them will again help gain their confidence and trust. Gaining their trust help in reducing the tantrums and the “no’s”, which they might be saying as they want to do it their way.

Showing Love: I call it the hugging time. We do this little thing when we stop whatever we are doing and look at the clock and just say ohhh it is our hugging time. My daughter gets all excited and hugs me so hard and we just enjoy that little moment there. It increases the bond and shows some love. Also a good night and a good morning kiss is as important as this. Never miss it.

Being a kid with your kid: They need this. Especially in the times like these when we can not go out much, or make friends (when this time was the actually time for them to make friends). Be a kid with your kid. I am sure they will love it. My daughter and me, we enact like the animals, especially the monkey, its her favorite. This gives them a sense that we are like them (though a little bigger in size), but can be their friends as well.

No Shouting: We tend to do it a few times, and I lately realized there is no point at all. They will be ignoring it as soon as they can. So what is the point of doing it after all. Its better to just make them sit and realize that what they are doing is not the right way it should be done. That at-least they might acknowledge. If they are not acknowledging also, still no point shouting.

Distract: Sometimes might work wonders and sometimes won’t work at all. It is purely your luck. So why not just try it. May be it works.

Read: Reading makes them sit in a place, it makes them concentrate and is good for their overall development. Ideally reading should start early. Make a corner in their room where you can just patiently and comfortably sit with them and read to them until they are big enough to read to themselves. This will help to focus their energy to something useful. Same can be done with a screen in their hands, but that makes less sense (though I am not totally against them). Books are something that help to grow, learn and give more thoughts.

Making the terrible two’s, the tremendous two’s is very much in the hands of parents. Raising a happy toddler is not a myth. Only thing required is a positive approach, a systematic up bringing, some knowledge and passion to do it the best way you can.

Happy Parenting!!

14 thoughts on “Terrible two’s or tremendous two’s??”

  1. “”Making the terrible two’s, the tremendous two’s is very much in the hands of parents. Raising a happy toddler is not a myth. Only thing required is also positive approach, a systematic up bringing, some knowledge and passion to do it the best way you can.””

    I REALLY APPRECIATE ur understanding as parenting a kid.
    Ur revelations (tremendous two)are amazing.
    U r really BLESSED DEAR Garima.

    AnuRajneesh Dogar

  2. Pardeep Kumar Verma

    Very nicely elaborated each and every step of Parenting at the age of two and the solution of the problems faced by the parents.
    Worthy to be read again and again.

  3. My kidz r grown up now u rewinded me back to there terrible 2’s time. It was just amazing to remember all dat.

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