animal themed birthday party

Animal themed birthday party ideas !

Happy Birthday to our little monkey!!

All we think of everyday as a parent is the happiness of our child. After they are born we forget to celebrate our birthdays, but their’s become the most special day of the year. The planning for the birthday starts months before the day.
Many of our toddlers at this age are most fond of animals and would definitely love an animal themed birthday party. For parents (like us) who are a bit busy with the routine and also not very good at art and craft, I would love to share very simple tricks and tips to make the party wonderful, colorful and full of animals.
Our daughter is very fond of animals, and so we thought of planning an animal themed birthday party for her this year in quarantine only with the family members and everything exclusively cooked at home.
The items used for decoration we had ordered about a month ago and kept it aside for around 25 days, due to the COVID-19 crises, to ensure safety. We ordered most of the things online especially from and

The welcome banner!!

welcome banner for animal themed birthday party

Welcome to my birthday party!

Welcome to the birthday party. We got a personalized animal themed birthday party banner made from amazon, which was pasted on the wall and was as important as the jungle theme planned inside. It was kind of the starter to the party.

The Happy Birthday Banner!!

happy birthday animal themed unicorn banner

The Happy Birthday Banner With the Unicorn and the 2 with the face of a Giraffe.

The happy birthday banner is one of the most important thing for the birthday party. We choose to select the banner with the unicorn in it as she is really fond of Unicorns.
The number 2 for her number of birthday we selected in the shape of a giraffe, as she is fascinated with the long neck the giraffe has.

Our Safari Ride!

animal themed birthday party selfie car with parents and kid

Picture Perfect!

We tried planning the party with a selfie photo frame, and ended up making a safari car for the pictures.
It looked difficult to make but was super easy and fun.
We took an empty cardboard box (we used the one we had from our TV), as it is and pasted a cut out of cardboard over it to make the wind shield. We then painted it with different colors and and stuck few animals which we had taken printout and did the cut outs. It was easy to make, a little time consuming, but worth the try.

The snacks corner table!

paper tree with balloons on corner table for animal themed birthday party

The Snacks Tree Table!

The snacks self service table we made had a tree on the top giving it a look of the jungle. The main stem and the branches of the tree were made from the brown paper which we use to cover the books. It was made into long rolls and crushed and stuck on the wall using a normal cello tape rolled to prevent the paint on the walls to come off after the party when the decoration needs to be removed. The two way tape is much stronger and removes the paint as well when removed from the walls. The leafs were made from the green balloons not blowing them very big but to a medium size only.
The table we had was a study table so we decorated it with some ribbons of different colors till the floor length. On the table top we pasted some green chart paper, making the surrounding as green as possible.

The kids corner!
snacks ideas for kids jungle themed party

Candies, Lollipops and more!

The kids corner had some kids favorite things, like the candies (Bear poop: funny name but kids love the chocolate), corn puffs or the kurkure as we call in India (Tiger tales: looks like tale of a toy tiger and are quite addictive to eat), lollipops or popsicle (Jungle vines: dense but yummy and beautiful) are again kids favorite, popcorn (Sheep sticker: Ba Ba black sheep one of the favorite poems for kids) and also some water for the after (Swamp water).

Teddy with the flying balloons!
teddy with baloons

Teddy also loves balloons!!

My daughter loves this teddy, and balloons are her favorite. So, we planned to make a corner for the teddy holding the balloons in the hand. Just stick some ribbons from the hand and stick few teddies on the wall. We avoided the helium balloons as we did not want to keep anything not sanitized. This made a perfect corner for the pictures for the kid.

The gift corner!

gift corner for litlle baby for animal themed birthday party

Most important thing for the party!

We planned on wrapping the gifts in old news papers to avoid the use of any wrapping paper. Also we took printout of some animals and pasted it over the wrapped gifts to make it a little attractive. Trust me, it was worth the effort, our daughter infact liked it as she found it something different from the other gifts. At the end of the party we made her open all the gifts and that was really fun for her.

The leaves!
paper leaves for decoration in animal themed birthday party

Hand made Leaves!

We cut the leaves from the used old calendar or any brochures that we had, and painted it with different shades of brown and green. The leaves were then stuck on the wall again to give a look of a jungle. we made plenty of them and the best part is it was the favorite activity for our daughter.

The other decorations!!
The party place!

We planned on a lots of balloons, so they were on the walls, on the floor, everywhere. Next was the party props safari animals, and wow party studio personalized jungle theme ceiling hangings from Amazon. They gave a better look to the decoration and covered most of the ceiling. We bought Bird wooden laser cut sparrows again hanging it at different places.

The return gifts!!
games for kids as return birthday gifts

The games were fun!

The return gifts we bought were all animal theme based for the kids at the party. We had 3 of my daughter’s cousins. The elder was 8 year old so we though of the game jumping monkey, which she really enjoyed playing. the second cousin was 5 years old, and very fond of clay, so we planned on buying the clay with the molds in the shape of animals. And our little munchkin, our daughters third cousin was 1.5 year old, so we got for her the Fisher-Price butterfly shape sorter, which again she loved.

The showstopper… The Birthday Cake!
birthday cake jungle themed with kitkat

As Yummy as it looks!!

Initially we thought of getting the cake from a bakery outside as it was difficult to decorate a cake in the animal theme. But then it was decided if everything is done at home then why not the cake. It was tricky but we could pull it off quite well. My husband and my sister in law could make and decorate the cake with some sprinkles on the icing, for the boundaries they used the chocolate sticks ( kitkat) and tied it with the ribbon., and they thoroughly cleaned some of my daughters animal toys and placed it over the cake, giving it an amazing animal themed look. They rocked at something they were skeptical about. 10 on 10 I would say. So it was not as difficult as we thought it would be.

It was not a surprise party for out daughter, but a planned party. We had already told her what we were planning to do as we wanted her to be a part of it. It was not just fun for a day for few hours but atleast a week which we spent on planning the party. So, the most important thing was where can she participate in it to keep he more excited and happy. She helped us in a lot of things.
1. She painted all the leafs with us which we used for the decoration.
2. She helped us in coloring the cut outs of the animals we had taken print out of.
3. She helped in the trial of the cake which was done a few days earlier.
4. She helped in wrapping the return gifts.
5. She helped in sticking the balloons to the wall.
6. She helped us in coloring the car.
This was fun for her as well as for us.

It is true that we have restricted ourselves from a lot of things due to the COVID crisis, but it is not the end of life. There is a lot we can still do sitting at home and taking the maximum precautions as safety for our kids, family members as well as us is the priority right now. The crisis will eventually get over and we will have all the restaurants and outside food to celebrate smallest of the occasions as well. But the need of the hour is to stay at home, take care of our self and do the best we can to be the good citizen.

Happy parenting!

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