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Best Gifts for your Mom this Mother’s Day 2022!

Mother , Mother's Day

Mothers’s Day will be celebrated on the 8th of May this year. We all love our mothers but mother’s day is a special day which is celebrated to make a mom feel special, pampered and loved.

In our day to day life, we might sometimes just miss how much our mother’s care for us, from early in the morning till the night. But this special day is their’s and we all should make sure they feel special on this beautiful day.

Here are best gift ideas for your mom this Mother’s Day.

For Mother’s Who Love Nature


For mothers who love nature, planters is one of the best idea to gift. With mother’s day saying on top, it makes will make a pleasant gift for your mom. You can even plant your mom’s favorite plant in the vase, and gift it to her.

Premium Gardening Tool Set

If your mom loves gardening this is one of the best tool set you can give her this mother’s day. It has all the necessary tools for gardening along with a seed packet.

Buy Here: Premium Gardening Tool Set

iPower Soil pH Meter

People who love gardening want it to be perfect, and in such cases pH of the soil maters. If the pH is right the plants will blossom. So, it is a perfect gift for your mother this mother’s day.

Buy Here: iPower Soil pH Meter

Indoor Herb Garden Seed Starter Kit

If your mom loves the herbal tea as well as gardening, this gift would be just perfect for her. The beautiful box comes with four different flavors of herbal tea, chamomile, lavender, lemon balm and pepper mint.

Buy Here: Indoor Herb Garden Seed Starter Kit

For Mother’s Who Love to Cook

Mummy da Dhabba Rasoi Kit

Containing a number of items like wooden cooking spoons, apron, glove, hotpot server, towel, food flash cards, mobile stand, this gift is an all in one for your mom this mother’s day. the color of the apron is vibrant and it says best chef ever. Who doesn’t like mama’s cooking!

Buy Here: Cooking Kit

Stainless Steel Knife Set

Knife is a basic neccesity in the kitchen, and if your mom is in love with cooking she would need various types of knives to refine the chopping. So, here is a stainless steel knife set for your mom with a holder to do every kind of cutting and chopping in her kitchen and cook for you some amazing food.

Buy Here: Knife Set

Silicone Kitchen Spatula and Spoon Set

This FDA approved, non toxic, heat resistant spatula set is a must buy for your mom. It is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. It looks very nice and presentable and adds a charm to the kitchen.

Buy Here: Silicone Kitchen Spatula and Spoon Set

For Mother’s Who Love Music

Noise Tune Charge Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

It is difficult for some of us to use ear pods all the time. They can get misplaced, and sometimes fall of from the ear. And headphones feel a little big sometimes. So neck bands are one of the latest and very easy to carry. just put it around your neck and keep going. Weather you are exercising, working at home, riding a bicycle, you are good to go. So why not gift your mom one of these.

Noise Tune Charge Bluetooth Wireless Neckbands are one of the most comfortable neckbands (have used personally). With a very good battery life it is life saver and you charge it with a normal C Type charger. Do consider this gift option if you are looking for something handy and unique for your mom.

Buy Here: Noise Tune Charge Bluetooth wireless Neckband

Saregama Carvaan Premium

Your mom loves retro hindi music? Then the best gift you can get from her is the Saregama Carvaan. It is a portable music player with around 5000 prerecorded songs. It also has FM and has rechargable batteries. Your mom can carry it along even when on a trip. It has bluetooth, AUX as well as option for the USB cable.

Buy Here: Saregama Carvaan

Alexa Echo Dot Speaker

Personally speaking, being a music lover this is the gift I would like to receive from my daughter if I already don’t have it. Having a hand free music control Alexa can be operated by voice when connected to the internet. Other than the songs, you can also ask Alexa to bay bills, get news, weather, cricket scores, nursery rhymes, stories and much more. All in one, it is one of the must haves in the today’s modern life.

Buy Here: Alexa Echo Dot

Self Care

Bryan & Candy New York Strawberry Bath Tub Gift Set

With amazing reviews on Amazon, you can gift your mom a complete spa products and let her enjoy the day and pamper herself. It comes in a beautiful bath tub packing and has a shower gel, hand and body lotion, sugar scrub and a body polish.

Buy Here: Bryan & Candy New York Strawberry Bath Tub Gift Set

Body Herbals Everyday Rituals, Bath & Body Spa Hamper

Another great product to pamper oneself, you can gift your mother this Body Herbals hamper this mother’s day.

Buy Here: Body Herbals Everyday Rituals, Bath & Body Spa Hamper

Water Flosser

Caring for ones teeth is a must, and flossing is one of the most important things to do when you need to keep them all perfect. It is easier to use than the conventional floss and uses water to keep the interdetal area clean.

Buy Here: Water Flosser

Just Herbs Ayurvedic Skin & Body Care Rose Essentials Gift Set

One of the Ayurvedic skin and body care kit makes another beautiful gift for your mother, may be it is mother’s day or mom’s birthday. Gift your mom this amazing gift set and let her enjoy the amazing rose aroma and also get a healthy skin.

Buy Here: Just Herbs Ayurvedic Skin & Body Care Rose Essentials Gift Set

Lakme Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow 

One of the best brands, Lakme has a combo pack of various eye shadows your mom will love if she is fond of eye makeup.

Buy Here: Lakme Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow 

For Stay at Home Moms

Leg Foot Massager Machine for Pain Relief

Being a stay at home mom, is one of the toughest jobs. You get tired from all the work and your body aches, especially your legs and feet. So gifting your mom a leg and foot massager can be a great idea. It will help your mom relax and feel comfortable. She can even use it when she is sitting and doing her work.

Buy Here: Leg Foot Massager Machine for Pain Relief


If your mom loves to read Kindle can be another good option for you to gift. You can download the books of if you are a prime member you can read free with unlimited access to hundreds of books, comics and more.

Buy Here: Kindle

Vacuum Cleaner

For when your mom has to do all the work by herself, when the house help is on leave, or when it is too dusty due to a windy day, a vacuum cleaner is the best thing she can posses. So, gift your mom a vacuum cleaner this mother’s day and bring down her work load.

Buy Here: Philip’s Vacuum Cleaner

For Mother’s Who Love to Exercise


Fitbit is one of the best option for mother’s who love to exercise. They can keep a track of their steps while walking or even when at home or work. They can see how many calories they burnt.

Buy Here: FitBit

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

A water bottle is a must weather you are going to a gym or for a walk in the park. So, it is a very thoughtful gift to give your mom.

Buy here: Milton Alive 750 Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 750 ml, Black

Just to Show Them That You Love Them

Printed Cushions

Gifting your mom printed cushions which just say I love you, is sometimes the best gift ever. It displays your emotions. You can also get customized pillows on sites like or you can find printed cushions on amazon as well.

Buy Here: Printed Cushions

Personalized Best Mom Ever Photo Lamp Frame

Who doesn’t like a personalized gift? We all do… Gift your mother a photo lamp frame from Amazon and cherish her bright smile for ever. You have to share your photo along with your order id to the mentioned whats app number and wait for the gift to arrive.

Buy Here: Personalized Best Mom Ever Photo Lamp Frame


Cards are very old but one of the best ways of showing love. You can make your card for your mother this mother’s day or can buy one and gift it to her. The emotions stays.

Buy Here: Indian Mom Emoji Cards Buy Here: Mother’s Day Scroll Card

A Dinner Date

A dinner date with our mother’s is the best gift ever we can give them. Just the family eating together at mom’s favorite place and having a good talk and some laugh is sometimes the only thing needed. So, take your mom out on a dinner date this time and she would be the happiest women on earth.

Gift for New Mothers

Gift Combo

Gift combos with chocolates, candies, flowers, and few other things for a new mom can show love and care for her. It would be a memory for the time when she was expecting.

Buy Here: Gift Combo

Philips Avent Advance Bottle Sterilizer

Bottle Sterilizer is one of the must have for a new mom. And one of the best bottle sterilizer available is Philips Avent (used personally). It is very easy to use, You can sterilize upto 6 bottles in approx 10 minutes, and you are ready to go.

Buy Here: Philips Avent Advance Bottle sterilizer

Feeding Pillow

A feeding pillow is something most of the new mother’s will need and will make the feeding easier for both baby and the mother. So, it makes it a good gift for a new mom.

Buy Here: Feeding Pillow

Mother’s Day is a very special day for every mother, but more important thing is making every day special for her. She tries her best to be a good mom, and help us get whatever we need in our life. Starting from the day we were born to this day, she would have been taking care of us keeping her own wishes and dreams aside most of the time. But the time is to give importance to what she wants, so that she is more happy, and determined than ever. Lets help her fulfill her dreams, and respect her every day of the year. Let us make mother’s day everyday.

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