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10 Amazing Diwali Gifts for Kids

Who doesn’t love gifts… Everyone does.

And when it is Diwali, it is all about gifts. And kids, have such glowing big smiles on their face when you gift them a gift all wrapped up. Diwali is fun for so many reasons, sweets, lights, amazing food, family and friends get together, gifts, parties etc.

So, let us bring back the smile on their face is Diwali by gifting them beautiful and useful gifts which they would love.


All time favourite for kids as well as us adults. Chocolates make an amazing gift for kids. You can buy for them their favourite chocolate box and make them happy. But do not forget to ask them to brush their teeth later.

You can also buy fancy Diwali cracker box for the kids with different shapes and sizes. Here is a Diwali Chocolate Crackers Gift Pack which you can buy for them if you want to get something different.

chocolate box | Diwali gift ideas for kids

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Kids are fond of toys. And if you give them something that they are interested in it will keep them busy for days. Buy your kids toys that enhances their skills. Avoid light and sound toys. Prefer toys which have some kind of activity in them, e.g. building blocks, legos, magna tiles, puzzles etc. If the child is fond of something like this then it will keep them busy for days or may be even weeks.

If your child is into pretend play, nothing like that. There are so many options available for kids for pretend play. You can choose from kitchen sets, to doctor sets, construction sets and so on. Here are few buying links from amazon.

kitchen kart | Diwali gift ideas for kids

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This kitchen cart is one of the favourite toys of my daughter. She plays with it for hours as she is too much into pretend play. It is a must try for all the kids who love pretend play. It has water dispersal available, a grill which changes colour of the meat and fish given along, various other vegetables and is in the shape of a cart.

lego | free legos | Diwali gift ideas for kids

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Legos make a wonderful gift for children. It enhances the imagination, develops motor skills, also helps the child in pretend play. The child can create the scenario on his or her own or build according to the book given.

You can check what toys your child needs according to the age and preference and buy those. Prefer to buy an age appropriate toy for your child so that the child enjoys to the maximum.


Clothes again make a wonder gift. The winters are approaching and you can go in for some warm clothes for the child. They would love to have them. And a sense of getting something new is always good.


Is your child fond of books? If yes, do not hesitate to buy some good age appropriate books for your child. If you have a toddler then also buy books for him or her to instil in them a habit of reading books. Books make best friends. So make your child a reader from the beginning.

first learning library book set | Diwali gift ideas for kids

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This is one of the best set of books I got for my daughter when she was 1 year old. It is a set of 20 books with images for the child to learn and recognise. A must buy for all the infants and toddlers.

dentistma | Diwali gift ideas for kids | my very important world

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Another amazing book for the young curious readers. It has the when and why of so many subjects. If your child is a curious little one he or she will love the book. I would definitely order this once my daughter grows up a little.
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Art and Craft Kit

If your child loves art and craft you can definitely think about gifting him or her an art and craft kit. There are plenty of options available online as well as in the market. You can choose according to your child’s interests. Painting kids, origami sheets, crayons, oil pastels, Pot coloring, kids pottery etc. You can get your child whatever they are interested in the most, something that will make them happy.

scratch painting | Diwali gift ideas for kids

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Scratch paper art, one of my daughter’s latest favorite. She enjoys the colors coming out of what she draws. It enhances the creativity of the child. It increases the recognition of colors, and also increases the memory. Again a must buy.

scratch book drawing | Diwali gift ideas for kids

One of my daughter’s latest scratch book drawings.

5 in 1 craft kit | Diwali gift ideas for kids

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Activity Boxes

There are plenty of activity boxes available which are age appropriate. You can get them for your child. They have activities that children would enjoy doing. But most of the time a parent might be required for the activity to be done along with the child. It will be fun for both. You can also subscribe to their monthly plan which will be delivered every month.

activity box | Diwali gift ideas for kids

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Personalised Gifts

There are a plenty of options available for personalized gifts like the child’s name signs, bobble heads, mugs, pillows, books, bags, t-shirts, towels etc. You can try according to what you are looking for on sites like,, ferns and petals.

Piggy Bank

We call it “Gulak” in hindi. One of my favorite gifts as a child. Every Diwali we use to get a new one and for the whole year we would be adding coins to it, to finally break it on the next Diwali. There are piggy banks made out of mud which are available on the road sides. But now a days more modernized forms of piggy banks are also available. You can go with either a tradition or the modern electronic piggy banks, or you can also stay in between with the metal piggy banks.

gulak | Diwali gift ideas for kids

The original piggy bank we use to use when we were kids.

Atm piggy bank, piggy bank for kids, piggy bank | Diwali gift ideas for kids

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Gift them a small plant. Tell them it is their plant and they will have to take care of it. Teach them how to take care. This will help in developing a sense of responsibility, emotional attachment and increase their curiosity. You can buy a plant from the nursery and also take them along to choose.


Yes crackers are not good for our environment, but also Diwali means lights and crackers. Do not go into big crackers, that pollute too much. Instead just buy small crackers that has more light than sound and pollution. Explain the child the safety rules before giving the crackers. Supervise them all the time when they are bursting the crackers.

Gifting someone is a happy feeling, and when it comes to kids, it doubles the joy. It feels wonderful to see the spark in their eyes. So, this Diwali buy something unique and beautiful for your child and make it their best Diwali ever.

Happy Diwali!

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