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Invisible Teeth Aligners vs Braces: How to make the right decision

Have you been looking for a perfect option to get your teeth straightened?
Have you been confused what to choose, invisible teeth aligners or braces?

Then you have reached the right place. This article has been written by the expert after doing a 100% research and giving you the exact answer for your problem.

The braces have been the traditional way of straightening the teeth and you might have seen many people especially the teenagers, wearing braces. As the world is changing and is going towards a more esthetic appearance for everything, especially in the teen years, 20’s and 30’s, when maximum people opt for orthodontic treatment (straightening of teeth), the clear aligners or the invisible teeth aligners were born.

But both, the aligners and the braces come with their own pros and cons. Your dentist or the orthodontist is the best judge in deciding what treatment out of the two you should go for.

What is an invisible teeth aligner?

An invisible teeth aligner or a clear aligner is a customized clear tray which is molded to cover your teeth in such a way that it exerts pressure on the teeth. This pressure is necessary to straighten your teeth. The trays are replaced after every 14-20 days with a new set of trays. You need to wear the aligners minimum for a period of 22 hours in a day for good results. Rest your dentist would advise you the exact time and duration depending upon your mal-occlusion and treatment plan.

What are braces?

Braces are the traditional way of straightening of teeth. Braces are available in metal as well as ceramic. The brackets are glued to the surface of your teeth using a dental material and a wire is secured to the bracket. This wire helps in the movement of the teeth and aligns your teeth. Your orthodontist might also use rubber bands to exert forces on your teeth. As more force can be exerted with the braces, they still are the treatment of choice in many severely maligned teeth.

What are the ADVANTAGES of invisible teeth aligner?

Appearance: Aligners are made up of clear medical grade plastic and are custom made. So, when you wear the aligners your friends and colleagues would hardly notice it. So, for those who are not getting braces just because of the unesthetic look of braces, clear aligners is the choice of treatment.

Hygienic: You can remove your aligners while you want to eat something, and also while brushing. So, you can maintain a good oral hygiene with invisible teeth aligners. But remember to put them back on when you are done eating and brushing. Also, clean the aligners with water before putting them on.

Comfort: Comfort with the aligners is definitely more than that with the braces. No ulcers, no difficulty in eating or brushing and no difficulty in closing the mouth. So, it is a win win if your orthodontist suggests you to get the aligners done.

Less Number of Appointments: When your dentist advises you to go for the aligners, a treatment plan will be made and a set of aligners will be given to you after a 3D scan. The movement of the teeth is preplanned and you get the complete set at the start of the treatment. You need to wear them as directed by your doctor. There is minimal to no requirement to visit your dentist during the treatment. So, that means less dental visit and you save a lot of time.

Diet: There is no need to change your diet or adjust the consistency of your food when you are using dental aligners. As you will be removing the aligners and then eating anything, it will be more comfortable for you to have a well balanced healthy diet.

What are the ADVANTAGES of braces?

Can be Used in Difficult Cases: Invisible teeth aligners are not a treatment of choice for all kind of malalignment. In case of severe malalignment, your dentist will recommend braces as the treatment of choice. The aligners do not exert a lot of force so braces are used in such cases. Weather a simple or a complex case, braces can be used for any kind of treatment.

Patient Compliance: Braces can not be removed by you. You can not forget them anywhere. So, it keeps working 24 hours. There is no choice for you to whether you want to put the braces once the treatment has started or not. So, the work is done.

Affordable: The price difference between the braces and aligners is big. So, if you do not want to spend much and still want a beautiful smile, braces is what is the ideal treatment option for you.

More Perfection With Results: The detailing with braces is much better than with the aligners. If some amount of gap say 1 mm is left and you want your orthodontist to correct it, it can be done with the braces.

What are the DISADVANTAGES of invisible teeth aligner?

Can ‘t be Used for All Cases: Aligners can only be used for less complex cases. For more complex cases braces is the treatment of choice. So, if you want to go for aligners and have severe malalignment your orthodontist might advise you against it.

Expensive: The cost of aligners is many times more than that of braces. So it might not be pocket friendly for everyone.

Requires Discipline: The dentist will give you the set of aligners and then it is your duty to remember to them on at least for 22 hours a day. If you fail to do so, the treatment might not work properly. So, discipline with the aligners is very important and not your doctor but you play a major role in that, unlike with the braces.

Need to be Removed while Eating: You can not eat or drink with your aligners on, especially hot beverages. You need to remove the aligners while eating and then remember to put them back on.

What are the DISADVANTAGES of braces?

Unesthetic: You do not like the metallic look? Well, if you are going for orthodontic treatment and your orthodontist advises you against aligners you would have to go for a the metallic look. Though there are ceramic braces available these days, but still there would be a metal wire which would be going across the braces and will be visible.

Causes Discomfort: Yes, braces cause discomfort at least initially. You might get ulcers as a foreign body is applied on the surface of your teeth. The ulcers eventually will heal, but braces cause discomfort while eating, speaking and even brushing. You will eventually get into the habit of it.

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Change in Eating Pattern Required: You will have to change your eating pattern as directed by your Orthodontist. You will need to blend or shred your food initially. Make smoothies, and avoid front biting. You might need to shred your apples and pears before eating.

More number of Dental Visit: One visit a month is what most of the orthodontist recommend. In between you might need to visit when there is a wire that is loose, or a bracket has come out. So, as compared to the aligners, braces have way more number of appointments.

Poor Oral Hygiene: It is difficult to brush with braces. You will have to get the orthodontic toothbrush for maintaining a better oral hygiene. You will have to rinse thoroughly after every meal. Also you might get inflammation in the gums if the oral hygiene is maintained. So, taking care or your oral health is very important when you have your braces on.

So, how do I choose between the two?

You can tell your preference to your orthodontist, but your orthodontist is the best judge. He or she will analyze the exact malalignment and tell you which option you should go for. If you have severe discrepancy then braces will be the better choice. For minor adjustments you might go for the aligners. Also, the cost difference between the two will also be another deciding options for your treatment if both are recommended by your doctor.

Invisible Teeth Aligners vs Braces

Have you been looking for a perfect option to get your teeth straightened?Have you been confused what to choose, invisible teeth aligners or braces?
invisible teeth aligners
braces, dental braces

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to orthodontic treatment. So, you need to keep in mind all the pros and cons before deciding how you want to proceed with the treatment. Of course your orthodontist will be the one to guide you with the best treatment option. So, why waiting, visit your orthodontist today and get the answer to all your questions and a perfect smile.

  1. Is Invisalign really better than braces?

    The answer to this is no. Both have there own advantages and disadvantages. If you have a minor malalignment of teeth you can go for Invisalign. But for severe malalignment you need to get orthodontic braces. But the vice a versa is not true. Braces can be used in any case for correction of the alignment of teeth. But if you have a mild alignment issues and do not want a metallic smile you can opt for Invisalign.

  2. Are invisible tooth aligners painful?

    No. You might have a little discomfort with the aligners for the initial one or two days but they are not painful at all.

  3. Why shouldn’t we trust Toothsi?

    Toothsi is a home aligner brand where no orthodontist or a dentist will visit you. The treatment is done completely by people without any qualification regarding dentistry. Movement of teeth in the jaw is very technical and should only be dealt with a professional licensed dentist or an orthodontist. IOS (Indian Orthodontic Society) has warned against such home brands for your safety. So, toothsi is not the brand you should go for. Yes, the prices they offer will definitely attract you, but health is better than money at all times.

  4. What is better ceramic braces or clear aligners?

    It depends on the severity of your malalignment. If your teeth are severely misaligned, your orthodontist will recommend braces and you can opt for ceramic or metal braces. If the malalignment is not severe, you might go for any of the two treatment.

  5. What do braces on your teeth feel like?

    Braces on your teeth will feel like little irregular projections. You might feel a little discomfort for a first few days but slowly will adjust to it and start to feel comfortable.


This blog provides tips on invisible teeth aligners vs braces. The opinion and content on this blog is only for conversational purposes and should not be interpreted as medical or dental advice pertaining to any particular individual. If the reader or any other person has a medical or dental concern, he or she should consult with an appropriate licensed medical or dental physician or a health care provider.

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