brushing teeth a luxury or necessity

Brushing Teeth… a Luxury or a Necessity??

The most important thing after a good morning kiss is brushing your as well as your kids teeth. It is surely not a luxury, but is necessary to keep the teeth healthy. Especially for the little human who will find it difficult to sit on the dental chair to get any kind of treatment whatever might be required, if a good oral hygiene is not maintained. So it is better to avoid a dental visit for a dental problem as much as we we can.

When should the brushing of teeth start for kids??

This is the most important question I have been asked many times. So the answer for this is, as soon as the first tooth erupts in the mouth. Do not delay. The first tooth requires cleaning as much as the rest of them will. Starting to brush early will not only keep the mouth clean but also inculcate the habit of brushing in your kid. The cleaning of babies gums and tongue should start at birth. A clean cotton cloth can be used wrapped around the finger.

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Which toothpaste should I use for my kid?? Or should I use a toothpaste for my kid??

There are different studies stating if you can use a toothpaste for your toddler or not.
The first thing the studies suggest is to avoid toothpaste till the age of 2 years, or till your child doesn’t know how to spit.
The second thing few studies suggest is that you can start using a grain size of toothpaste from the time your child has the first tooth till 3 years of age and pea size after the age of 3 years. Meanwhile teach your child how to spit.
As a mother of a 2 year old I would say take it slow.. Ask your child everyday while brushing can I put a little toothpaste on your brush too? And eventually one day they will say yes and slowly it will become a habit.
Fluoridated toothpaste are important to fight against cavities, so it preferred to use a smear of kids fluoridated toothpaste.

How should I start brushing my kids teeth as he or she doesn’t allow me to do so??

Make it a game, a fun and a family time. Brush along with your child. Let your child brush your teeth. This will create interest as well as let your child learn that it is an important thing to do.
Show your child videos of kids brushing their teeth.
You can pretend play dentist with your kid.

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How should I clean my toddlers tongue?

You can clean the tongue with either a kids tongue cleaner or the brush itself. Make it a routine as this the place we miss brushing or forget brushing. The organisms harbor there causing halitosis (Bad smell) from mouth. So do not ignore this important organ.

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Should I let my kid brush his or her own teeth??

The answer is NO. Not till the age of 5-6 years. Kids lack dexterity and it takes time to develop, so they miss out on a lot of surfaces where the food gets deposited. This leads to cavities. To prevent this it is the best to brush your kids teeth yourself. They might insist on brushing themselves, but its our duty as parent to not let them do so.

Not just our kids but we too need to brush regularly, twice a day. Being a mom sometimes we miss on taking proper care of ourselves, but we should remember our kids will be fine only if we are fine. Ignoring our self will lead to further problems and will lead to even less attention and time we can give our angels.

Happy Brushing!! 😀

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