First Dental visit for Children!

first dental visit

Ever wondered when exactly should you take your child for the first dental visit??

Due to the lack of awareness of dental health and hygiene, we as parents do not stress much on the dental visits. Until and unless there is pain or discomfort with both ourselves as well as our kids, we try to avoid as much as possible.

But this definitely should not be the case. Delaying a dental visit leads to a prolonged and invasive treatment, more discomfort and also more cost is involved.

When should be the child’s first dental visit?

first dental visit should be by the child's first birthday

It should be either at the child’s first birthday or within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth, which ever is early.

Many parents feel that it is not necessary to get the teeth examined.

What possibly can go wrong with the kids teeth?

But, what we need to be aware about is, Early Childhood Caries (ECC). ECC is one of the most common dental problems in children and it can start as soon as the first tooth erupts in the babies mouth.

The American Academy of Pediatric dentistry also agrees that the dental visit of a child should be no later than 12 months of age. It also posses a lot of benefits towards the health of the child.

Why is the first dental visit so important?

  1. It helps in detecting any problem related to the dentition, the jaws, the gums and the cheeks.
  2. Any early cavities can be detected.
  3. Your dentist can help you find out a solution to any of the oral habits, like thumb sucking that your child might be having.
  4. The craniofacial development can be evaluated.
  5. A tongue tie if present can be detected early.

How to plan for the first dental visit?

prepare yourself for the first dental visit
  1. Plan the visit when your child is most active during the day. Never visit during the nap times. A visit during the morning times ends up being the best ones as the child is fresh.
  2. Take an appointment before visiting your pedodontist i.e Kid’s Dentist. This will help in shortening the waiting time for your turn.
  3. Feed your baby well before the visit, so that he or she does not feel hungry and get cranky.
  4. You yourself need to be relaxed, if you are worried the child can sense it.

What to expect during the first dental visit?

  1. Your dentist will examine the jaws, teeth, gums and all the other oral tissues and let you know if anything is wrong.
  2. Your dentist will check for any decay, and advise you on fluoride application in case required.
  3. Your dentist will inform you if any of the dietary habits of your baby needs to be changed.
  4. Your dentist will advise you regarding the oral habits which your child might be having.
  5. Your dentist will help you understand how to maintain a good oral hygiene for your child.

During the dental visit your child might cry due to fear or stranger anxiety or any of the other reasons. But, this is totally fine and you just need to console your child and work it out with your dentist.

A dental visit is as important as a visit to a pediatrician for vaccinations and routine examination. Dental health is as important as the overall health and you should not wait for a problem to be there to visit a dentist.

Happy Parenting!

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