Mamma, Maa, Mama, Mummy, mom


Mamma…. Sounds so great to hear it.. but then you need to have patience, high energy level, 24 hours of time, and of course a loving ❤️.. which of course every mommy is gifted with.
Freedom is the thing you will miss the most… But a friend for life is what you will get.
Exhausted you will feel… But when they come running to you and just hug you so tight.. all the exhaustion will just fade away.
To you there might be the world around you, but for them you are the world.
It is super duper nice when at night they just need a hug and they come and sleep over you.. though you are tired yourself but that is the best bed for them to sleep on… And forgetting everything.. you sleep like a baby with your baby..
Motherhood might be tiring… But it is one of the most amazing things ever… Hats of to all the mommies.. who struggle each day, to bring up these tiny little beautiful humans!

Baby with mother at Chhatbir Zoo
Love beyond words!

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