Pregnancy and Dental Care Tips

Pregnancy is a time when we take care of our whole body, try to stay as fit as possible but avoid or forget about one important thing we need to take care about, and that is Dental Health. As dentists say “Oral health leads to overall heath”. Taking care of dental (Oral) health during pregnancy […]

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10 Dental Tips for the Holidays !

The holidays are almost here, and we all are waiting for those fun filled trips to the grandparents house, a trip to the beach, or just lying on the bed and doing nothing all day. The holidays come with a lot of eating junk food, being lazy, not having a routine and sometimes just not […]

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Mother’s Day 2022 Printables for Kids

Here is free downloadable link for printable for your child. You can download these Printables and print them on A4 size sheets and give them to your kids to learn. Let us make our kids know better about their mothers. If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift for your mother you can go […]


10 Tips to Appreciate Your Child!!

Appreciation ! Who doesn’t like it?? We all do! Then why will the kids not like the appreciation. They definitely will. But this goes the other way around also. Appreciating using wrong words, can sometimes change the behavior. A well behaved child if appreciated too much can sometimes feel he or she is good enough […]


Earth Day 2022: What our kids need to know

Invest in our planet! World Earth Day is celebrated every year since 1970 on 22nd of April. The theme for Earth Day this year is “Invest in our planet”. It might be late but the right time to start something is now. Our planet earth is going towards the negative side looking at the global […]

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10 Amazing Tips to Relieve Your Dental Anxiety!

Dental Anxiety is one of the main reasons for the neglect of going to a dentist, which in turn leads to poor oral health. Can dental anxiety be avoided?Can your bad dental experience be changed into a good one? The answer is YES! Dental anxiety is seen in a large number of the population including […]

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Positive Parenting: What, Why and How!

Positive parenting is based on the idea that all kids born are good, and the way you nurture them is what they become. A kid born is like a blank book and it is the parent, or the care giver who is responsible for what is to be written in the book. ” Positive parenting […]

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15 Positive Parenting Tips!

The best thing you can give your child is your time, love, affection, understanding and trust. Positive parenting incorporates all of them. It doesn’t mean you have to always be nice to your child even when they have done something they should not have. It just explains that the bond we have with our children […]