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4 Reasons why teething jewelry (Tlismi Moti) is a terrible idea for your baby !!

teething jewelry
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Your baby is teething?? Why don’t you get your baby a Tlismi Moti??

A very known and common notion among parents, Tlismi Moti or amber teething necklaces are not something you would want your child to use after reading the following reasons.

When your child is in pain you might think of all the possible reasons you can to just stop the pain, and when the big words like, this is ancient and ancestral, this is something natural, it will boost your child’s immunity, sets in, you might just start using it without thinking twice.

But the best thing to do now a days is, explore about it in detail first, rather that just listening to some neighborhood aunty and doing the same for your child.

The FDA in December 2018, recommended against the use of any kind of teething jewelry for kids, adults, or even people with special needs. They mentioned in their study that they have even received reports of death and serious injuries to infants and children, including strangulation and choking, caused by teething jewelry, such as amber teething necklaces.

What is teething jewelry??

Teething jewelry can be anything from a necklace, anklet or a bracelet which is worn by the baby or the adult, and is claimed to soothe the teething pain. It can be made up of wood, amber marble or silicone.

The most common teething jewelry available and use by parents in India is the Tlismi Moti. The Tlismi Moti is claimed to be used since the ancient times and has a combination of 5 metals in exact proportion. It is believed to be a natural harmonizer of energies around the oral cavity, thus relieving the teething pain.

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How does Tlismi Moti or Teething Jewelry work??

There are the amber teething necklaces available in the market which is made up of baltic amber, which is obtained from the fossilized tree resins. They are converted into beads and are worn around the child’s neck. It contains some percentage of succinic acid which is thought to relieve teething pain. But there is no scientific evidence claiming the same.

But is that true??

Does the tlismi Moti or teething jewelry work or is it even safe??

There are so many misconceptions among parents when we talk about teething. Since the tlismi Moti or teething jewelry has been introduced since the ancient time, it is still thought upon as the best method to relieve the pain. But does it really help? Or does it impose some kind of risk?

Here are few of the reasons you should totally avoid using the tlismi moti or teething jewelry for your child.

Strangulation Hazard

Anything worn around the baby’s neck is not safe. The teething necklaces when worn around the neck of the baby can strangulate or suffocate the baby especially when it is a little tight.

If you are using it for your child, make sure to use it only under supervision. Remove it as soon as the baby is alone, even if for a very short period of time. Make sure to remove it during the sleeping time, whether it is in the day or night.

Choking Hazard

If you are using the jewelry as a bracelet or an anklet, the child can very easily put it in the mouth and the beads might come loose and choke the baby.

So, it is again a big NO.

Only use the jewelry under adult supervision, if you want to.

Source of Harmful Bacteria

The teething jewelry is in the constant contact with the skin, and the skin naturally has bacteria which can get colonized on the teething jewelry thus causing infection to the child.

A research done at a French hospital, showed that there was colonization of bacteria on all the examined necklaces which pose a health hazard to the child, and thus should be avoided.

Injury to the Gums

The teething jewelry can cause injury to the gums when the child tries to put it in the mouth. If any corner is sharp, it might pierce the gums causing bleeding, pain and discomfort to the child. The child might even get intraoral infections.

What is the alternative to tlismi moti or Teething Jewelry?

There are a lot of other things you can do to soothe the teething pain your bundle of joy is going through.

  1. 1. Use teethers.
  2. 2. Use a wash cloth
  3. 3. A gentle massage on the gums
  4. 4. Fruit nibblers
  5. 5. Milk popsicles
  6. 6. Become your baby’s chew toy
  7. 7. Medication

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So, to conclude this, teething jewelry has scientifically less benefits and more troubles and the best thing to do when your baby is teething is to use the other methods to relieve the teething pain in kids.

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