Tooth Eruption Chart,

Tooth Eruption Chart (Milk/Baby Teeth)

Eruption of the first tooth in your child’s mouth is the one of the most awaited time for a parent. Most of the parents are aware that the first tooth of the child starts erupting at the age of 6 months. But sometimes there can be a delay in teething and you need not worry much about it. You can wait till the age of 15 months to 18 months for the first tooth to erupt in your child’s mouth.

Here is the tooth eruption chart you can co-ordinate with and check the eruption progress in your child’s mouth.

All the 20 teeth should erupt in the child’s mouth by the age of 3 years.

Tooth eruption chart, milk teeth shedding chart

Source: American Dental Association

ToothAge of Eruption
Lower Central Incisor6-10 Months
Lower Lateral Incisor10-16 Months
Lower Canine17-23 Months
Lower First Molar14-18 Months
Lower Second Molar23-31 Months
Upper Central Incisor8-12 Months
Upper Lateral Incisor9-13 Months
Upper Canine16-22 Months
Upper First Molar13-19 Months
Upper Second Molar25-33 Months

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Natal Teeth

Some kids are born with teeth in their mouth. These are known as the natal teeth. Often the natal teeth are the mandibular central incisors i.e. the front lower teeth. If your child has the natal teeth and you get them extracted right after birth your child will not have those milk teeth again. These teeth will only be replaced by the permanent teeth between the age of 6-7 years.

Neonatal Teeth

Neonatal teeth are different from the natal teeth. Neonatal teeth are the teeth that erupt within the first month of life. These are also most of the times the lower central incisors.

The eruption sequence and time of teeth can vary from one baby to the other. Never compare two kids. If in doubt visit your dentist preferably a pedodontist and get it checked. Your dentist is the best judge.

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