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10 Dental Tips for the Holidays !

The holidays are almost here, and we all are waiting for those fun filled trips to the grandparents house, a trip to the beach, or just lying on the bed and doing nothing all day.

The holidays come with a lot of eating junk food, being lazy, not having a routine and sometimes just not doing anything at all. So, the hygiene is neglected, the eating habits get worsened and most of the times brushing of teeth is delayed or ignored.

Here are 10 simple dental tips you can follow during the holidays and have a healthy smile.

1. Have a routine

have a routine

Routine is a must whether it is holidays or working days. If you follow a routine then the children will also do the same. Brushing twice a day is mandatory for adults as well as children. Remember to make brushing a family time.

Family that brushes together stays together.

2. Prefer more of Healthy Food as Snacks

healthy snacks

Avoid junk!

Junk food is the main culprit of cavities and other oral health issues. Avoid sticky food like chocolate, chips and candies. The food when sticks to the surface of the tooth for a long time causes the tooth to decay.

Eating healthy food like salads and fruits is the best way to take care of the teeth as well as overall health.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

drink plenty of water

The next dental tip is to drink plenty of water. Water acts as a cleanser and cleans all the teeth surfaces and removes the food particles. So, drinking plenty of water helps in avoiding cavities and keeps the overall health good especially during the summers. Drinking water after eating sweet or sticky food is a good practice.

4. Avoid Soda and other Sugary Drinks

avoid soda

Holiday seasons comes with a lot of soda bottles and sugary drinks. But the best is to avoid it as it is not good for your teeth as well as your health. Instead you can take fresh juice or plain water. In case you are having a sugary drink or soda best is to use a straw so that it has minimum contact with the teeth. Again it is a very important dental tip to follow.

5. Visit your Dentist

visit a dentist

Never miss a dental appointment. If you are due to visit your dentist, then do not skip the appointment. A dental visit at least once every year is a must. This can help in ruling out bigger problems and let you keep your mouth healthy and smile bright.

6. Floss Daily

Only brushing is not the solution to a good oral health. So, make sure to floss at least once a day. This cleans the tooth surface the brush can not reach. If you find it difficult to use a thread you can use a water flosser instead. It uses water to clean the adjoining teeth surfaces and prevents cavities. Follow this dental tip and get healthy teeth and gums.

floss daily, use a water flosser, Oracura

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7. Don’t use your Teeth as a Bottle Opener

do not open bottles with your teeth

Partying is a thing in holidays.
Where there is a party there are drinks.
Where there are drinks there are bottles.
Where there are bottles there needs to be an opener because your teeth are not openers.

Remember to never open a bottle with your tooth, as it makes the tooth weak and can fracture it.

8. Remember to clean your tongue

clean your tongue

Cleaning the tongue is as important as cleaning the teeth. So, do not forget to clean it everyday. Bacteria accumulate on the surface of the tongue which is not clean and can cause severe halitosis (bad breath). You might be driving your friends away with your bad breath these holidays if you do not keep your tongue clean. Cleaning the tongue is a very important dental tip.

9. Use a Mouthwash

use a mouthwash

Mouthwash can be a good way to have a pleasant breath. Make sure to follow the instructions given behind the pack of the mouth wash before using. Do not use a mouth wash for a very long time. Use for around 15 days and then take a break as mouthwashes have a tendency for causing stains over the surface of teeth.

Rinsing regularly with warm saline water also is very helpful and healthy for the gums and teeth. So, make it a habit this holiday season and follow this dental tip for healthy gums.

10. Avoid Smoking

avoid smoking

Smoking is the cause of many health as well as dental problems.
Do not start smoking this holiday season if you are not a smoker.
Try quitting if you are a smoker.

Smoking causes an increased risk of leukoplakia (precancerous lesion), bone loss, gum disease, inflammation, delayed healing, failure of dental implants and many more. So, smoking should be avoided.

Holiday season is to have fun, relax and get some mental peace as it is a break from the routine. In India, summers is the time where kids have the maximum days off. Encourage them to eat more fruits, drink plenty of water and fresh juices, play and be creative, watch less of TV, enjoy with family and friends, and whatever makes them happy but is healthy for them. Following these simple dental tips will help you with a good oral health.

Happy Holidays!!

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