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10 Wonderful Benefits of Taking Your Child To a Picnic

Do you love family picnics??
Picnics are fun, away from your home, in a beautiful area with greenery and fresh air around. It gives a sense of freshness and relaxes your body and mind.

Family picnics are very important, especially for children, where they can enjoy themselves in an open area, without any gadgets and some homemade food, singing, dancing, running around etc. It adds a beautiful memory to the childhood.

Let us see some wonderful benefits of taking your child for a picnic.

1. Picnics are Fun

Yes, the best and the most important reason for taking your child for a picnic is it is fun. Children enjoy going out especially with their family, enjoying there, running around, and playing games. And to your surprise they will enjoy eating your homemade food which they might not be eating at home. It is because they are happy, and full of life at that time. So, going out on picnics at least once a month should be on your bucket list for the kids to have fun.

2. Picnics help in family bonding

The whole family goes out, enjoys, has fun, and eats together. This helps in developing a loving bond. Not just the parents, the grandparents, cousins and uncles, and aunts can also accompany you during the family picnic. Kids start to know each other, bonding with other, and getting close. It is a win-win. You do not need an expensive far away vacation.

3. Picnics help in better mental development of the child

According to UNICEF Armenia, green spaces can significantly benefit childrenโ€™s physical, mental, and social development โ€“ from infancy to adulthood. It reduces stress both for the parents as well as the children. Exposure to nature and greenery is very important to reduce stress and well-being in children. Especially in the present scenario, where the kids are glued to their screens, taking them out is very important. Not just picnics but daily walks, or free play on the playgrounds every day is also very important for their mental development.

4. Picnics help in connecting with the nature

The greenery around us has tremendously reduced due to the cutting of trees, fields, and urbanization. But staying in touch with the nature, knowing the nature is very important for good physical and mental development also. So, it is important for us to take our children for picnics, where it is greenery all around and where the child can connect with the nature and ask you questions.

5. Picnic is a good way of relieving stress

As mentioned earlier, a picnic helps in the better mental development of a child. When mental development is good, stress is reduced. The children are calmer, understand better, and remain relaxed. So, picnics are stress-busters. Taking time out of your busy schedule for a picnic would definitely be fruitful.

6. Picnic helps staying away from gadgets

Remember to keep your gadgets away when you go for a picnic. The time is for the family, and gadgets should not be a part of it. Time away from gadgets is the best time you can spend with your family and friends. You talk more, laugh more, share more, and bond more. When children see you away from gadgets that is their best time, and they too stay away from it. So, enjoy a gadget-free picnic.

7. Picnics help in setting tradition and memories

I remember when I use to go for picnics with my family. It use to be fun. Those are the best memories of childhood. So, why not give the same to our children? Children love being outdoors, it is we who have given them the gadgets. They love nature, playing around, and running. So, let us take our kids for a picnic once every month and set a tradition and make memories for them, and they might continue it with the next generation.

8. You can eat healthy home made food in a different setting on a picnic

Carry your own homemade food. The kids will love it and will not insist on getting food from outside. Pack different varieties like sandwiches, fruits, fresh juices, nuts, home made wedges, etc. When everyone will eat together open in the nature the kids will love it.

9. Outdoor picnics help in Vitamin D absorption

Vitamin D absorption is very important for being healthy. So, at least once a month it is important to go out and it in the sun, and what better idea than planning a picnic. It is not the primary advantage but an added advantage of going out on a picnic. Yes, you might not be able to do that in summer when it is extremely hot but can be done during the rest of the months of the year.

10. Outdoor picnics save money

You do not need to go on fancy vacations all the time, or book fancy restaurants to have fun with your kids. Just an outdoor picnic is enough. You can save the money as well as enjoy and bond.

Picnics are fun when we go out together as a family or with friends. It is healthy, creative, stress-free, and has a connection to nature. So do try and share your experience with us.

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  1. Pardeep Kumar Verma

    Absolutely correct. Outdoor picnic with family has it’s own benefits along with study.

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