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12 Best Indian Parenting Blogs You Should Follow in 2023

Parenting is one of the most overwhelming yet difficult things to do. In today’s world, if we do not understand or follow something, what is the first thing we do??
We google it. For parenting, you can search for Indian parenting blogs.
Regarding medical advice, it is best to visit a doctor or read articles that can give you authentic information. Yes! we DentistMaa are one of the websites where you would get 100% authentic health-related information written only after research or personal experience with patients. So, yes you can trust us 100%.

But, there are plenty of other Indian websites that have contributed enormously to parenting and are a do follow to help you grow with your child. You will find plenty of information in these blogs to help your parenting journey.

You would love the list we are sharing with you, for the versatility of the content and the care that is seen in the writing. Do share with us in the comment section, anyone you feel we have missed out.

1. My Little Moppet

My little moppet

Dr. Hemapriya, the founder of My Little Moppet, who is a doctor by profession and a mother of 2 adorable kids, is lovingly known as the “Doctor Mom”. On her website MyLittleMoppet you can find various recipes, parenting tips, and meal plans for your toddlers. You can even shop for 100% natural food for your little ones, with amazing reviews from other parents. Do remember to visit the website.

2. Budding Star

A parenting website with meal plans for your toddlers to everything related to a child’s development, Budding Star was started by Akansha Bansal with the vision of making a difference in how you raise your child. Not only the website, but they also have a community on Facebook and WhatsApp as well with a huge number of followers.

budding star

3. Indian Parenting Blog

Indian parenting blog

The founder of Indian Parenting Blog, Mansi Rana’s main focus was to make a community that empowers parents while keeping the Indian style intact. From recipes for pregnant mothers to understanding parenting, you will find everything on their website. With more than 30k followers on Instagram, Indian parenting blog is setting a bench mark for Indian style parenting, which is important to maintain the roots of our country.

4. Parentune

Parentune is a parenting network that is helping parents to do the right thing for their children. With more than a million app downloads, paretune is a leading parenting platform, which you can look for to get parenting advice and can also take an expert opinion from the doctors on their panel. Founded by Nitin Pandey, Parentune has a success story for all the parents connected to them.


5. Urban Indian Mom

urban Indian mom

From books, to toys, to activities, you will find everything on the Urban Indian Mom. Founded by Yasha Kalani, the blog focuses on simple parenting as their logo says. The blog shares personal experiences, recommendations, activities, research, thoughts, and ideas with everyone.

6. Being the Parent

Being the Parent focuses on addressing parents as God, and so they always use “the” in front of parents. There main focus is to support parents during pregnancy and parenthood. On their blog you can read stories of other parents and also write your own. You can also shop for products like diaper, clothes, baby products etc. So visiting being the parent is a must for all the parents.

being the parent

7. Fabulous Mom Life

fabulous mom life

Fabulous mom life is all about parenting, mom fashion, education and family life. Started by Lata, the blog helps you with décor as well as styling your home. You can find recipes along with kids activities. You can even get some good make up tips for yourself. For any type of interest you have you can visit fabulous mom life.

8. The Champa Tree

The Champa Tree is a to-go website if you are looking for recommendations for products, or searching for bestsellers to buy for your child. Founded by Vaishali Sharma, who is a professional blogger and a communication consultant, the Champa tree focuses on motherhood, parenting, baby, and child care. You can read about the silliest of your doubts on the website, and get answers. You can also join their Facebook group and ask any queries you have.

the Champa Tree

9. Confused Parent

Confused Parent

Are you confused when it comes to parenting? Then this is the place you need to visit. Confused parents help you with tips on getting pregnant to raise a child. Founded by Ekta Chawla, Confused parents help you in connecting with Best Maternity Hospitals, IVF Doctors, Playschools, Schools, Baby Photographers in various cities. So, if you are looking for any of this, then do visit confused parent.

10. Bumps n Baby

Founded by Sangeetha Menon, Bumps n Baby is a very pleasant and organized website where you will find everything from prenatal care to recipes. If you are looking for parenting ideas, you will find that. You are looking for product reviews, you will find that. If you are looking for food options for your 1-year-old, you will find that too. Overall it is a place you can get a lot of information about parenting and the upbringing of your child.

bumps n baby

11. Kids Stop Press

kids stop press

Kids Stop Press, is a website that caters to all aspects of parenting. You can choose your parenting journey and start reading about anything and everything. Started by Mansi Zaveri, Kids stop press, is a one-stop place for all your parenting queries. They even have a book club

12. Moms Cove

With the spotlight on the happiness and well-being of mothers in general and a special focus on stay-at-home moms, Mom’sCove was started by Meghalee. She is a pet lover and was also focused on pets and so came up with the tagline Pets, Parenting, Positivity. On mom’s cove you will find amazing articles on parenting, pet love and more. So, a visit to the website is a must.

Mom's cove

Every person is different and so is every blog. There is no comparison to make about which is better. Do visit all the websites mentioned above and get your perfect way of parenting. Share in the comment section if we missed out on your favorite blog.

As parenting is a beautiful journey, so is blogging. It is built with love, care, research, and wellness for all. Do subscribe to our website too DentistMaa to get authentic information regarding dental health and parenting. Yes, we are new, but we are 100% true.

Happy Parenting!!

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