We all are always eager to do our best for our family. If we try to deeply understand our contribution towards our children and other members of our family, we will see that our whole life revolves around our family. We sacrifice our comfort, our desires our sentiments even sometimes our health.

When we bring up our children, we always desire that our children become successful in every field of life, whatever they desire to be. Intentionally or unintentionally parents always imagine the future of their children in their mind.

Parents always dream that their children will be well educated, well mannered and successful in every field of life, in their own country or out of the country. They must have sufficient resources,  good health and be respected everywhere.


The word human comes from the Latin word “Humus,” meaning earth or ground. It stands for our body, which is made up of water and other elements.

The word being stands for our existence our consciousness and our Energy or in other words, it is our mind or intelligence or soul.

So, in short,  Human beings mean our body and consciousness, or our body and soul.

A human being will make mistakes and will have some shortcomings. When it comes to parenting it all depends on how good we can be to nourish them and to raise them to be good human beings

We as parents always remain very much vigilant about the health and future of our children. We always remain alert about any problem that involves their health or any decision that they will be taking for their future. This makes us proactive in their lives and becomes a genuine concern being a parent.

The other part of parenting is taking care of the being (the soul or the consciousness), which is regarded as a crucial and most important part, as the body can be seen but the mind and the thoughts can’t be.

Soul or consciousness or Being that is called our mind, is about three energies, these are the pure energies:

1. Mind: Mind is our power of thinking. More correctly said the power of right thinking. It’s also called the art of right thinking. It starts developing since birth. It is very important to give our children a good environment to be raised in, irrespective of the differences among the family. Children will be what they see, more than what they are taught to be. So it’s the duty of parents to make sure they have a happy and a positive environment around.

2. Intelligence: Intelligence is the ability to gain knowledge and attain certain skills. A baby’s brain develops maximum by the age of 6 years. Yes they should be allowed to live their childhood, but also they should be made to use their brains the most for it to develop as much as it can in those precious years of life. Intelligence is also helping them taking their own decisions; if they can decide since they are toddlers they will be more confident in deciding for themselves as they grow up. Just by letting them pick their own clothes and shoes can help them gain more confidence in the long run.

3. Action: Action means, doing the right action on the basis of mind and intelligence. If the mind and the intelligence are going in the right direction, the action will be right. So that is something automatic which will come out of them, and there won’t be much to worry about.

Father and Mother both have the responsibility of nursing the soul as well as the body. Nursing the soul is as important as nursing the body to make them a complete human being.

So a good Parenting is taking care of the physical and mental health of our children, which is only possible if we ourselves are healthy in both the ways.

It’s called mindfulness.  It’s a slow process, but very important one in the process of healthy Parenting.

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