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Do you need to clean your baby’s tongue??

Have you ever wondered how much bacteria that tiny mouth would be harboring when you just forget to clean it or think it is not important yet??

The day one of the new born’s life starts with intake of milk and this milk keeps depositing on the various surfaces in the mouth, the gums, the cheeks and especially the tongue.

It is parents duty to clean the baby’s tongue at least twice a day without failing to remember, as it is said oral health leads to the overall health.

When you remember to give your new born baby a warm water bath and wash the baby’s head too, then why not clean baby’s mouth every day?

It is important and mandatory to help your child have a clean mouth, as important it is for you.

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How to clean your baby’s tongue?

1. First and foremost, wash your hands. A new born baby doesn’t have a good immunity and therefore anything that goes into the child’s mouth should be clean.

2. Hold your baby in one arm till your chest such as you can clearly see the baby’s mouth.

3. Take a clean gauze piece or a cotton cloth and wrap it around your finger. You can also use a silicone finger brush.

4. Dip it in luke warm water. Make sure it is just damp and not soaking wet.

5. Gently open the child’s mouth, by pulling down the lower lip a little and place your finger over the tongue.

6. Rub your finger with minimal pressure in circular motion over the tongue to remove any white deposits that could be the milk.

baby's tongue, silicone finger brush

Tips and Tricks

1. If your child is fussy or not in very good mood at the moment, delay the cleaning for until your child is feeling better.

2. Along with the tongue you can also clean the baby’s gums as well as the cheeks.

3. You can also use a silicone finger brush to clean the tongue instead of the gauze piece

4. If you are unable to remove the white patches, do not put pressure, it can be a fungal infection Candidiasis (Oral Thrush), visit a pediatrician.

5. Distract the child and make him or her laugh before cleaning so that he or she opens the mouth on their own.

6. Once your baby starts getting teeth, start cleaning the tooth, using either a silicone finger brush or a normal kids age appropriate toothbrush from day one.

7. Clean the tongue at least twice a day.

Happy Parenting!

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