World Earth Day is celebrated every year since 1970 on 22nd of April.

Earth Day 2022: What our kids need to know

earth day 2022

Invest in our planet!

World Earth Day is celebrated every year since 1970 on 22nd of April.

The theme for Earth Day this year is “Invest in our planet”. It might be late but the right time to start something is now. Our planet earth is going towards the negative side looking at the global warming it is going through. It is not okay and in a few decades, it would be difficult for the coming generations to handle it, do anything about it and survive.

So, the time to act is now.

Being adults we are responsible for dealing with the bigger issues, but the kids also need to know about it so that in future they can implement it, and they do not find it difficult to follow.

Our planet Earth is going through a very tough time and the reason is us. Taking mother nature for granted, we have destroyed the forests, wasted so much of water, polluted the water resources, depleted natural resources, and so on.

So, we need to teach our kids now, what we want them to do in the future.

Planting of trees

earth Day, plant more trees

Planting trees is one of the best thing you can do to save the planet Earth. Yes, it takes time for the tree to grow, but if we start today we will have trees all around in a few years. You can plant a tree in your yard, or the garden, or any roadside area permitted for plantations. So this Earth day plant a tree.

Avoid using pesticides and fossils, and use natural methods instead.

You can also have a small kitchen garden and grow your own favorite vegetables, take good care of them and they would grow wonderfully. There is nothing more nutritious that vegetables grown at home free from pesticides.

World Earth Day is celebrated every year since 1970 on 22nd of April.

Recycling plastic waste

reduce reuse recycle

Plastic is one of the main pollutant of the mother Earth. Trying to avoid as much as possible is the best thing to do.

There are so many ways in which we can reduce the plastic waste.

Stop the use of plastic straws, spoons, cups and plates, instead we can carry and use the reusable ones.
Stop using plastic water bottles which are use and throw, instead we can use the glass or steal bottles.
Stop using plastic bags for shopping, instead we can carry a reusable bag while shopping, especially grossery shopping.

The plastic waste has been one of the main reason for the pollution of water resources in our country, which should be banned at any cost. Polluting the water bodies is killing the sea animals which in itself is a hazard for our planet Earth.

 avoid polluting the oceans

Save electricity

save electricity save the planet

We can save so much of electricity during our routine life. If we start teaching the kids early, they will get into the habit from a very young age and it will help in saving our planet Earth.

Switch off all the electric appliances when not in use.
Switch off the chargers when you are not charging your phone or laptops.
Switch off the television main switch when you are not watching it.
Switch off the microwave main switch once you are done cooking.
Try to use the natural light during the day as much as possible.

Use electric vehicles

use electric vehicle, earth day

Increase in the number of vehicles on the road is one of the main reasons for pollution. Now electric vehicles are available. Buying electric vehicles is the key to reduce pollution and eventually we all should switch to it.

Use solar panels

Electricity generated from solar panel is a natural source of energy and is one of the best ways to preserve energy. Solar panels should be installed and used as much as possible.

Picking up trash

Throwing trash everywhere is again a big problem in many countries including India. Despite such big movements like “Swachh Bharat Mission“, we can see trash on the road sides, outside houses, parks, stations, despite dustbins being provided every where.

Kids at school should be taught to pick up trash from the play grounds or anywhere they see it. At home since the very beginning they should be taught not to throw the wrappers on the floor, instead use a dustbin. Once they get into the habit they will never throw anything, in fact guide their friends if they see them throwing the trash any where other than the dustbin.

Save water

save water, every drop counts

Every drop matters. There has been drastic fall in the percentage of drinking water available on our planet. So, we need to make sure we use the water with care. There are so many ways in which we can save water at home without doing any extra effort.

Wash your clothes in the washing machine only when it is full. Do not wash a few clothes.
Use a dishwasher when it is full.
Use a bucket to take a bath rather than shower.
Switch off the tap while brushing when you don’t need water even if it just for 10 seconds.
Water your plants in the evening and not in the afternoons.

Save paper

Save paper, save trees.

Paper comes from trees, and if you save paper you are saving trees.

Print on both the side of the paper.
Try to proof read everything before taking the final print to avoid wastage.
Avoid taking paper receipts when you have an e receipt.
Try to store the documents electronically.
Use waste paper for crafts.

Ride a bike

ride a bike

Riding a bike not just saves the environment but also keeps you healthy. When going for short distance, try to ride a bike (bicycle) rather that going on a car.

Go for car pools or public transports

Going for car pools when you are going to a same place is one of the best options.

For example, when dropping your child to school you can either opt for bus service or go for a car pool. It saves so much of energy.

There are plenty other ways you can tech your child how to save the planet Earth or at least do some good for the planet. Starting early is the key as what they learn at a young age will stay with them forever.

On this Earth day, lets all pledge to take every effort we can to make our planet a better place to live in for ourselves and for the generations to come.

Happy Earth Day!

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