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What To Do When a Tooth is Knocked Out: Easy First Aid Tips

A knocked out tooth is a tooth that has avulsed i.e. fallen from the socket due to an injury. Individuals who have knocked out teeth require emergency dental care. If a child is more than 6 years old, the knocked out tooth most probably will be permanent. The permanent adult tooth can often be saved if the first aid procedure is done carefully. The delicate tissues that cover the root must be protected to successfully prevent infection. If the child is 4 to 5 years old or less than that, they have primary teeth. It is not necessary to get treatment, but it is good to go for a dental examination as soon as possible.

Understanding Tooth Avulsion

The avulsed tooth happens when the tooth is completely dislodged from the socket. An avulsed tooth is a kind of dental emergency and requires necessary treatment. To save the tooth, you must reinsert the tooth right away. Teeth that are treated in under 30 minutes to within an hour have the highest chances of success. If you can’t reach the emergency dental clinic, keep the tooth in milk or saline solutions. Professional dentists can re-implant or re-attach the knocked-out tooth. Based on the research, the study’s results showed that the complete survival rate of knocked-out teeth is 50%.

Immediate Steps: What to Do Right After the Tooth Is Knocked Out

Find the Tooth

If you are suffering from a knocked tooth, call the dentist right at that time. Find the affected tooth and hold it by the crown, not from the root. 

Rinse and Preserve the Tooth

Now place it in the balanced salt solution, or saline solution, and inside the container filled with milk. You can also place the tooth between the lower gum and lip. Don’t store it in a container filled with tap water. For older kids and teenagers, try to place the tooth back into the socket without touching the root.

Attempt Re-Insertion (if Possible)

Some people might wrap the affected tooth in a napkin or towel, but it could damage the tissue and nerves. The ideal step to store the tooth and keep the tissue alive is to reinsert the tooth carefully into the socket. You must hold this carefully with your fingers.

When You Can’t Re-Insert the Tooth

Preserving the Tooth

You must hold the knocked out tooth carefully from the crown or the chewing surface of the tooth. A crown is the upper portion of the tooth, which is exposed in the mouth. Don’t touch the root since the root is sensitive and can be damaged easily.

Avoiding common mistakes

1. Don’t store dirty teeth: If the tooth is dirty, wash it with water. After washing, don’t dry it off because it could hamper the tooth effectively. 

2. Do keep the tooth moist: Keep the tooth moist every time. In case you can’t insert it into the socket, keep it in the milk or inside the tooth preservation kit. Avoid using tap water since it is not ideal for the cells of the root surface.

3. Do visit the dentist: This is the most necessary thing to consider when you are stuck in any situation like this. Visit the dentist as soon as possible. Book emergency dental appointments within half an hour of the injury. A tooth can be reinserted after it is out of your mouth for an hour only. 

4. Don’t force the tooth into the socket: Avoid forcing the tooth into the socket because it can irritate the area. Try to keep it moist until you visit the dentist. 

5. Avoid wrapping tooth: Don’t wrap the knocked-out tooth in the tissue, and don’t scrub it; otherwise, you will hamper the quality.

Seeking Professional Help

If you are ever stuck in a situation like this, then schedule an emergency dental appointment immediately. You must call the emergency dental clinic within 30 minutes of a tooth being knocked out. This is how you can improve the chances for dentists to successfully reimplant the tooth. If the injury happens outside the regular office hours of dental clinics, then call emergency dental care.

What to Expect at the Dentist?

When you visit professional Emergency Dental Care, you can consult with the dentist and ask about the best possible treatments for the knocked out tooth, such as re-implanting, splinting, etc. The professional dentist will first assess your tooth and check whether it can be repaired or not and then proceed with the treatment if possible.

Prevention Tips

Wearing Mouthguards in Sports

Using a mouthguard is the best defence against dental injuries sustained when participating in sports. Research that has been published in Sports Health claims that mouthguards can assist in avoiding the majority of injuries and have little to no effect on speech or breathing. You can purchase custom-fitted mouthguards or buy a night guard to protect your teeth while sleeping.


The most common cause of a knocked out or avulsed tooth is an accident or injury. This does not imply that the tooth is gone permanently, though. A knocked out tooth can be preserved if immediate emergency care is given. To deal with the situation, you must have the proper knowledge and prioritize yourself towards dental health and safety. By following the above-mentioned guidance; you can successfully deal with the knocked-out tooth with the help of emergency dentistry. You can also book your appointment with Evans Family Dentistry for faster relief if you are living in San Antonio, TX or you can visit 32 Sparklets Dental Implant and Root Canal Center, if you are living or visiting Mohali, Punjab.

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