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Who is an Endodontist?

Heard of the name Endodontist?
No? Here is what you need to know about endodontists and what they do.

Like the medical profession is divided into various specialties, so is the dental profession. A single tooth is treated by different specialties of doctors, depending on the symptoms and the treatment. Dentistry is divided into 9 specializations and one of it is Endodontics.

Endodontist are the dentists who are specialized in performing root canal treatment. A 3 year degree after dentistry and doing multiple patients is what is required to be an endodontist.

When there is a cavity in the tooth and you have pain, the tooth can not be saved by just a filling. You might need a root canal treatment to save the tooth. Endodontists are those dentists who will help you save your tooth and manage pain.

They are experts in the field of root canal treatment. They use specialized instruments, have better knowledge and they call themselves the tooth saviors. They deal with the inside of the tooth.

While most of the treatment can be done by a dentist (who is not specialized in a particular field), sometimes for a more difficult and a complex procedure an endodontist might be called in case of a root canal treatment.

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