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Who is a Pedodontist?

Heard of the name Pedodontists?
No? Here is what you need to know about pedodontists and what they do.

Like the medical profession is divided into various specialties, so is the dental profession. A single tooth is treated by different specialties of doctors, depending on the symptoms and the treatment required. Dentistry is divided into 9 specializations and one of it is Pedodontics.

As you take your child to a pediatrician when he or she is sick, you should take your child to a pedodontist when he or she needs a dental visit or is having a tooth ache.

Pedodontists are specialized dentist who deal with diagnosis and treatment of kids teeth alone. They are experts in dealing with the kids, managing them, handling the tantrums, and making them understand in detail about the treatment.

Pedodontists are also know as the pediatric dentist. They also help in educating the parents about their kids dental health or any treatment that the child needs to undergo.

What do Pedodontist (pediatric dentist) do?

Pediatric dentist undergo a 3 year training to understand child psychology, to convince children and make them understand why they need treatment or how they need to follow good oral health, to perform all kinds of dental treatment required in a child.

what does a Pedodontist do?
  1. 1. Examine the child’s oral heath regularly (first dental visit is mandatory by the child’s first birthday).
  2. 2. Fluoride applications
  3. 3. Fillings
  4. 4. Pulpotomies and Pulpectomies
  5. 5. Treatment for dental injuries as they are common in children
  6. 6. Habit breaking counseling

If your child is facing any kind of dental problem, best is to visit a pedodontist. In case there is no pedodontist available near you, then you can visit a general dentist or preferably an endodontist.

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