Woman... One of the most miraculous existing people on the planet.

International Women’s Day!

International women's Day
Praise for Women, appreciate the women

Woman One of the most miraculous existing people on the planet.

Woman… A human being beyond ordinary

Woman… Born to be a leader

Woman… A daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister

Woman… An entrepreneur, a doctor, a painter, a musician

Woman… Down to earth in an astonishing way

Woman… Tireless and Determined

Woman… Resolute till the end

Woman… Omnipresent

Woman… Always ready to accept a challenge

Emotionally, physically or mentally, a woman is someone you can depend on, a woman is someone who will make sure you are doing fine, a woman is someone who will be always there for you and a woman is someone who needs you too, to be there for her when she needs you.

Its a messy messy world, and the platform the women have brought themselves today is commendable. Gender bias, equality, feminism, are something we talk about in our day to day life. Talk and forget.

It is time to do more, to take the challenge to stop the bias completely, to take a stand for our self wherever required, not to look down at the other gender but to have a sense of equality. That is what feminism is about.

So, this women’s day, let us all “Choose to Challenge” what we don’t consider as equality or when we can see the bias, not just with us, but also with the fellow women. Challenges bring change and change is what is required to raise our daughters and sons right.

Change is what is important to make the world a little more peaceful to live in.

Change is what is required to spread more love, warmth, harmony and equality.

This women’s day, let us all appreciate and thank the women in our lives, and wish them success and happiness all through their lives.

Happy Women’s Day!

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