Wishing all the kids out there a very Happy Children's Day!

Happy Children’s Day !!

Children’s day in our country is celebrated on the 14th of November every year, on the birthday of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru or chacha Nehru as we call him. He had a special love for children and his bonding with them was commendable. To honour him or give him all the respect we remember this day as Children’s day.

Every child is different and special in his or her own way. As adults it becomes our duty to make them feel loved and help them to the best to ejoy their childhood and turn out to be good human beings.

It is us who can instill in them the knowldege and the skills they need and deserve to live a happy and a fulfilling life. So this children’s day let us all pledge to give our best to help them attain the positivity, the happiness and the power to fulfill all the dreams they have and give them wing to fly high.

Wishing all the kids out there a very Happy Children’s Day!

Happy Parenting!

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