Yes, it is a thing. And why not? When we can celebrate Women's Day, Mothers's Day, Girl Child Day, then why not a day for the boys and men all around the world.

International Men’s Day 2020 !!

Yes, it is a thing. And why not? When we can celebrate Women’s Day, Mothers’s Day, Girl Child Day, then why not a day for the boys and men all around the world.

The theme this year for the International men’s day is “Better Health for Men and Boys.” We have a lot of men in our life and for most of us they are irreplaceable, and those people of our life who have influenced us in a much better way and to make our life worthwhile and a better place to live in. But most of the times they will repress their feelings to make us feel better, hide their tears so that we do not know and get tensed that something is wrong with them, so we need to look out for them and brace them for a better health both mental and physical.

A father, a brother, for that matter a friend, all need the support and the care for a better life and better well being. Our society is such that we do not trust men much due to various incidences that keep on happening around us. But that should not be the criteria of judging someone without even knowing the truth. According to the studies, 1 out of 3 men are the victim of domestic violence, the suicide rate in men is 2 times higher than that among the females and heart diseases are more prevalent in men than in women. It accounts to the fact that men need the same amount of care and attention that the females need and just because they have a stronger built or a firmer voice we should not presume that they do not need be given much attention, and take them for granted.

There are so many thing men would wish women knew about them, and not judge them based on just what one man did, as all men are not the same. If someone did something wrong doesn’t mean every man will be doing the same. Every person on this planet is different and we can not categorize someone just based on the sex.

Men would wish that women knew that men are sensitive too, and could also get hurt with the rude words or actions, with the silence as well as with the raised voice. So, it is our duty to treat them as equals and not someone who wouldn’t just mind whatever is said or done. Men would also wish women knew that they too love compliments. Praise your dad or your husband on something good they did or when they looked nice when dressed up and they will remember it forever, even if they don’t, say it. they might be shy to accept, but they are humans too, and of course they will love compliments.

Men make amazing role models as well, I have an amazing dad and an amazing husband who is again an amazing dad to our daughter. So, they can be trusted emotionally too. They might show the emotions differently or may even hide it, but they feel it and that is what is the most important thing.

Life would be morr meaningful with these gorgeous people around, so it is our duty to care for them, protect and support them in any possible way we can so that their life becomes healthy as well as cherished.

Happy International Men’s Day to all the amazing men out there!!

4 thoughts on “International Men’s Day 2020 !!”

  1. Really a great article on the topic which has been rarely touched.You have very rightly advised all of us not to be biased against men.They too are human beings.

    1. Pardeep Kumar Verma

      Nice to read . Rightly judged the inner nature of males and their psychology.
      Drug addiction among males should be dealt with strictly.
      All the best 👍

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