This is how we taught our daughter about Social Distancing!!

Social Distancing

Kids are the ones who have been effected the most during this pandemic, and they do not understand much what is going around them.

We have a toddler who use to get super excited while we use to take her out before the pandemic, when she was just 1.5 years old. Imagine how happy she would be now when she is all grown up and understands so much. But unfortunately we have not gone out since a year and she has been so co-operative with us during these tough times.

But how was all this possible??

It was possible because we explained her about the difficult situation last March, i.e. 2020. Yes she was very small at that time, but they are smart people and they grab it very easily, you can give it a try.

You can watch her speak about the curfew in the following video. She was just 1 year and 7 months old, and we were very impressed and happy to see her understand. She could make out that it was not safe to go outside at that time. She never forced us or threw any tantrums, because we were updating her with the present situation all the time. Yes, in very simple words.

So, how did we teach her SOCIAL DISTANCING and why is it so important??

Social distancing and masking up are the two important things to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. We our selves should be aware of it all the time and also teach our kids the same.

A distance of 6 feet is what is important between the two human beings which helps in the prevention.

If someone near you sneezed and is a carrier of the virus or is not aware about it yet, there is a high chance that you can get the virus from the person. So, if you are at a distance from him or her, the chances decrease as the virus can not reach you at that distance. This is something that our kids, need to know but in simple languages.

So, here is how we taught our daughter about the social distancing.

Animal Toys in garden

We took all her animals and placed at a distance from each other. We made her understand that they can not touch each other if they are at a distance apart. Also if one of them falls sick and sneezes or coughs, the particles from that animal can not touch the other due to the distance. She was aware, when we sneeze there are droplets that come out of our nose, as she has seen this happening with herself. We made her understand that these particles can be the cause of some kind of illness and the present day illness is the Covid-19, which we need to stay away from.

She understands, it well now, and sometimes when we need to go to buy groceries and she insists on accompanying us she herself makes sure:
1. To wear her mask
2. Not to touch anywhere unnecessarily
3. Maintain social distancing (as her animals did)
4. Sanitize her hands without touching anything immediately after once we make her sit in her car seat.

We can not always say, they are kids, and they won’t understand. In fact they can understand well more than we think they can. It all should start as early as we can.

Take care of yourself, maintain social distance, mask up every time you step out, and get vaccinated.

Stay home, Stay Safe!

Happy Parenting!

Dr. Garima Verma

Dr. Garima Verma is a dentist and an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. To spread information regarding dental health and parenting she started this blog, where authentic information is provided after a detailed study from the most know websites like, FDA, WHO, IDA, etc. and a gist with accurate and complete information is shared.

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